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I can't memorize spells

I have briefly run across this problem before (though I cannot remember when) and I wasn't able to solve it then either. I have been running problems where I am not allowed by the game to memorize more than a few spells per level. In this case, my current party is Me, Yoshimo, Minsc, Jaheria, Nalia, Auren.

Jaheria doesn't seem to have any problems, but when I try to memorize Nalia's spells it all goes wrong, she cannot memorize more than three spells per level whether the level would normally allow it or not. (Example I'm alloted 5 Level 1 spells, but the game only lets me have three). If I try a forth spell, the game just makes the usual memorize noise as if I succeeded while simulatenously showing the twinkle on the first slot which already has a spell. It won't let me fill any more of the empty slots after I fill three of them.


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