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IWD2 New Run!

marzbarzmarzbarz Member Posts: 187
Getting the motivation for an IWD2 run and ended up spending a good week thinking and rolling up a group that would keep me interested. ( at elast till restartitis acts up )

Ill throw the group down below and if anyone is bored enough post theirs or comment on similar builds they like to use. I know the character creation is somewhat different here but I kinda like the large amt of choices. It makes getting past chapter 1 very hard. The numbers after each lvl are how many multi classes I added for mix in points. I didnt even know to do this before so itll be interesting. Were around level 3 so im just getting the main classes set up and early mix ins going.

#1: Ranger(1), fighter(1), Druid(full now)
This guy uses long bows, light armor and duel wield blades. I get free ambi and duel wep from that ranger level if I wear light armor. I may keep him light weps/shapeshifter with the amazing druid spells IWD2 has. Has lots of versatility in what he is and is easily one of my stronger members. I may bring him to lvl 4 fighter so I can grab 3 pips in bows/small weapons when I get to a decent druid caster level. I took goblin as my preferred enemy to smooth out the goblin fortress early on. My main too :D

#2: Barbarian(1), Ilmater Cleric(full time)
Clerics make for stronger tanks in IDW2 but this allows him to rage when hes done buffing people and using chants that normally lock me out of casting anyways. Combined with 2h swords, axes and staves hes amazing. Prot from evil and heavy armor reduce the need for a shield. Hes mostly an off tank/buffer/dps. ( more like an angry paly that has more buffs ) Barbarian fits nice in IWD lore and with cleric levels its a shaman type class. Barb level grants him extra movement speed for getting around to healing people if needed. Bonus: He can remove the fatigue after battle from rage with a cleric spell.

#3: Rogue(1), Wizard(full time)
Mostly the buffer/crowdcontrol/summoner and smartypants of the group. Mages get lots of points and rogue skills are less useful in IWD2 in general so it makes sense to combine the 2. This one uses thrown weapons and slings with a small shield and has high alchemy/spellcraft to identify most things. Ended up getting more damage spells so far but I intend to keep her cc+summoner and mage buffer. I use her for diplomatic talking sometimes when rewards are involved. ( monk lady doesnt like shiny things )

#4: Monk(1), Sorceress(Full Time)
My damage dealing sorceress but with really high cha and wis. Sorc in IWD use cha so she makes a great talker when rewards are not involved. She also gets information for the group easily. The monk level also mainly adds 2 fun bonuses. The first is the monk monastery related rp, and second, her armor class is as high as a warrior with plate+shield combo when shes unarmored. I gave her a pip in hammers and she already has axes but shes using magical returning axes/hammers too. When her spells dont kill things shes usually getting decent hits in with that throwing hammer. Her dodge/unarmored bonuses from wis/dex allow her to be a hard to kill Sorc too. Very nice change compared to normally squishy mages.

#5: Pure fighter Dwarf.
Classic dwarf tank+fighter. I was running out of mix in ideas here and just decided to go pure fig/dwarf for rp reasons and racial diversity. Hell be good for underdark. Heavy armor and big shields. Axe+hammers+Lswords if they are strong.

#6: Fighter(1), Ilmater Paladin(full time)
Shes a spear/staff wielding paly but I gave her the fighter level and may go to 4 for the 3 pips in spears. Shes elven too and I really like the back story for her. ( RP-ing her backstory somewhat, drow were attacking her town and she was to be taken into the underdark as a child slave. Eventually freed by Ilmater's paladins who found out about the slaves and such and joined that paladin order after returning to the surface. Shes more cookie cutter paly and I was also running out of ideas for classes as I had many things covered already ) Mail armor for now and is strong. I gave her the drow/elf voice and it suits her backstory. Also gave her that elf woman with orange hair+light armor portrait.

The hard part was reminding myself of the mix ins and I hope to take the group through HoF later for the items I never knew about/harder game play.

If anyone has any other useful mix in ideas lemme know :D



  • marzbarzmarzbarz Member Posts: 187
    I "may" add a level of bard to the monk(1)Sorceress(fulltime) just to add the access to the bard related weapons for more bonuses. Shes already able to use monk weapons/armor and the early belt that gives +1 attack that is 1500g lets her hit alot with her throwing hammer.

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