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Hardcore insane SCS+Ascension : let's all do it !

Hi all,

So I'm gonna start what I think will be the playthrough to end all playthroughs and finally be done with this game (though i don't really want to !).

I was thinking others might be interested in joining so we can share experiences. The specs I will use are :
  • BGEE > SOD > BG2EE > TOB
  • No-reload on level insane (no LoB, reduces viable tactics too much). Failing that, as few reload as possible with a cap at 10 for the entire saga.
  • BGT + SCS + Tactics + Ascension + basically every added difficulty mode I could add
  • Other notable mods include ; cap remover, Angelo NPC, Assassinations, item upgrade, that mod to dual non-humans (provided they can access the class in the first place). Oh, and Imoen Romance, because it's the best and it's important in my roleplay. After much thought, I did NOT install the mod that adds a +2 throwing dagger and turns kensais into archers on steroids.

    This is obviously a powergaming game, but i also wanna keep it roleplay. So...
    My character would be a male loyal neutral dwarf kensai dual wielding daggers (and throwing them too). He's only interested in himself and Imoen, but he does understand that sometimes playing nice is necessary (I'll have to roll something like 18/xx, 17, 19, 15, 11, 9). In BG2, he'll fail at raising the money for the shadow thieves (mod that makes it 100k gold) so he will resort to thievery (dual !) and assassination in a desperate but successful attempt. Once he connects back with his beloved sister after losing his soul, he'll start drowning in the darkness of his nightmares as he fails to control the beast he has become. The last shred of loyalty and altruism are washed away in silver dragon's blood and in tears of Bhaal. Coming back from hell like a god of battle, he will club his way through giants and dragons alike, trapping then in time or casting fiendish spells from scrolls. Eventually he becomes the new lord of murder !
    A few tweaks :
    imoen is a bard (blade?), which is still coherent with her learning magic but feels better suited to her temper. She is the beacon for charname, even moreso ever since she busted him out of prison where he was to be hanged for well, no spoiler here :smile: . Suffice to say that she knew innocent flaming fists would have to die for that to happen, an unforgettable moral sacrifice to be sure.
    Viconia is a cleric/mage, because I like the build but can't stand aerie. Also it makes sense to me that, given her intelligence, she would turn to magics or thievery to subsist after dropping Lolth and before picking Shar
    Adalon drops scales, because I don't see why he wouldn't. And he will die because he tried to blackmail charname.

    So that's it for the basics. Honestly I don't expect to survive the asylum (mainly because of that insanely annoying Deva that is summoned in the middle of the meteorite swarm, but I hope to still be under 10 reloads in TOB.

    Who wants to join the challenge with his own character ?



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