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Non-scripted game moments that tell a story

ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
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I feel like many of us have had this at some point in our time playing games. Some games are practically built for this sort of thing, such as XCOM, which made me want to make such a thread to just share this and see if anyone else has similar stories.

So... I am playing XCOM 2 with the long war mod. I get a mission to extract a vip from a vehicle, and I have about 4 days of infiltration time. It is a scientist, and I could use all of the scientists and engineers I can get. I decide to send in 5 soldiers, and spend some intel to boost infiltration on the mission, and when I go in the enemy count is very light.

Unfortunately, our opening engagement has 2 pods next to each other. I decide to flashbang the group consisting of 2 vipers, a sectoid, and an infantry, while killing another group consisting of all infantry. Things go well, But the grenadier takes a hit from a viper and I have to heal him and he has no armor left. Clearing out this group, and the one just a little behind them that engages us as we finish them, takes time. By the time we are done, we only really have time to run for the evac, especially so for the grenadier that was born a bit slow. (Random values given in the mod. Realized the other way that looks like)

However, the aliens aren't willing to let us go so easily. As we begin our sprint to escape, a dropship appears just behind us. We don't have the time to engage them, so we continue to move for evac. Our poor grenadier, however, is not so lucky. A drone continues to shock him, forcing our specialist to use revival protocol to remove the disorientation. Meanwhile, our ranger tossed a flashbang to help keep one of them at bay before continuing running.

Unfortunately, our grenadier was finally hit at the base of the evac building, and entered a bleeding out state. 2 turns are left to get out or be captured by the aliens. The specialist and ranger still have to make it to the roof, while our assault and shinobi are already there waiting. However, the nimble and quick shinobi has time to save the wounded soldier. So, he jumps off the roof, grabs the grenadier, and makes his way back up just out of reach of taking enemy fire. As he climbs back up the ladder, fellow soldier carried over his shoulders, the shinobi proclaims "stand together, die together".

Back at base, the shinobi recieved a promotion to sergeant and is my highest ranking soldier. The grenadier is out of action for 39 days, shorter if I had an engineer to spare for medic duty.

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