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Anomen (romance) Knighthood quest, bug?

AkrabraAkrabra Member Posts: 2
So i am doing my first EE playthrough and i am at the Knighthood quest for Anomen. So far everything has gone as planned, and he recieves his knighthood. We talk to Ser Ryan Trawl and he says Anomen can serve with me. So i leave the headquarters and there is no conversation proc when leaving the building.

If i rest i will get a new conversation where he refers to me as friend. Which isn't right. Reloaded the one save i have right before we enter for his Judgement and the same happens on that one. How do i trigger the conversation where he thanks me for helping him become Knighted?

Wasn't sure which section to post this in, but hopefully this is the right one. I'll admit this is getting slightly on my nerves, hoping for answers.

Best Regards.

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