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Probably an minor error [minor spoilers]

The following I think is just a minor error, but let's see what do you think.

In the second quest in Trademeet, they ask you to deal with the Dao djinni.
This is probably the error: the dao and the djinni are two different thing. Both elementals, but Dao are from the elemental plane of earth, the dijnni from the one of air.


  • PaulGreystokePaulGreystoke Member Posts: 63
    While Djinni/Jinni/Genies typically refer to magical creatures of smoke or air (like Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie) the term is also used generically of certain classes of mystical creatures from Arabian & Islamic mythology - along with the Dao, the Marid, the Efreet, & the Jann. In AD&D, each of these types was identified with one of the classical 4 elements - the Djin with air, the Efreet with fire, the Marid with water, the Dao with earth - with the Jann as a combination with all 4 elements, & thus was the weakest. But the original source material didn't play by these rules. The Marid, while the strongest of the Djin, weren't associated with water, & the Dao didn't seem to exist at all (& were probably added to fill out the elemental scheme). So this looks less like a mistake & more like a difference in interpretation of these mythical creatures.

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