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Contingencies and Sequencers

seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 115
I've read quite a bit here on creating your own contingencies and sequencers, but I'm not sure what the current state is with the newest patch. It seems the functionality was broken and fixed a number of times. From my past reading I seem to recall that someone figured out how to get one of them working by changing a local file on your installation. That file can't be changed by weidu, so the author opted not to include new ones. I "think" it was the thread, for Mystic Fire paladins...but I 'cant find it now.

Either way, can someone point me to instructions for making you own. Any I've created (and the one for Mystic Fire Paladins) crash the game when selected.


  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,239
    edited February 2017
    Weidu has since been updated to patch said file,
    The new step required by v2.0 games in creating custom Sequencers/Contingencies is that they need an entry in this table:
    mageBookStrings = {
    	SPWI908 = {tip = 24615, title = 'CHAIN_CONTINGENCY_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_CONTINGENCY_LABEL"},
    	SPWI617 = {tip = 24615, title = 'CONTINGENCY_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_CONTINGENCY_LABEL"},
    	SPWI809 = {tip = 24617, title = 'SPELL_TRIGGER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_TRIGGER_LABEL"},
    	SPWI710 = {tip = 24616, title = 'SPELL_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_SEQUENCER_LABEL"},
    	SPWI420 = {tip = 24616, title = 'MINOR_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_SEQUENCER_LABEL"},
    that is found in the file.
    The very limited function I posted there should work as long as weidu is v.240, but it can only add one language(I did not understand it entirely at the time).
    After that function, This is what you would need for each custom sequencer/contingency you add:
      desc_ref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (@1) //tra reference or
      desc_ref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (#1) //tlk reference or
      desc_ref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (~description text~) // straight text
      resource = ~SPWIXXX~		// name of your spells file
      title = ~Custom Sequencer~	// Title string
      action = ~Add a spell to your Custom Sequencer~	// Subtitle string

  • seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 115
    You're awesome as always! Thanks!

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