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Using a two handed weapon with a shield

JtrainzJtrainz Member Posts: 2
Hi for starters, Been reading about here but finally got registered and all that.

Anyway been finally playing through the enhanced edition after having it awhile and awhile back into my current play I noticed by accident as far as I recall that I could equip a shield while I had a bow equipped, here's a screenshot from steam.

Something I wouldn't of thought of trying short of doing it by accident, Also works fine with a offhand weapon etc anything along those lines swaps to them without a problem. Did a bit of googling and looking some at patch notes to see if this was implemented somewhere there.

Guess I was wondering if it's a feature I just didn't see the note on or one of these hidden additions I've seen people talking about, I am running a few mods bg2 tweaks, bg1 unfinished business, bg1 npcs and rogue rebalancing. All in all gotta say it's pretty damn handy.

Edit; Neat guess it was just part of the 2.0 update, saw it scrolling the patch notes pdf, awesome addition and uh never mind me lol, Don't see a delete option but maybe other people missed this as well and never considered trying.

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