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The Lesson New RPGs Need To Take From Older Ones



  • Woolie_WoolWoolie_Wool Member Posts: 156
    I think it's not really fair to compare games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 against older RPGs because they're not RPGs in the sense Baldur's Gate or Fallout 1 were and were never intended to be. Fallout 4 especially is an open-world action game. Its RPG systems are totally vestigial and the game would probably be better off if they were removed entirely. Dragon Age: Origins is a much better game to have this discussion about because it is a real CRPG, but severely watered down.

    Now, I think, for an actual full-on CRPG, I feel like some of them should try to include the visual customization (jawlines, nose shapes, 30 billion haircuts) available in Bethesda games, Dragon Age, Saints Row, etc. without sacrificing any of the mechanical customization of the classics. To create a character who looks and performs according to your very specific design would be something no RPG has done yet.

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