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BG2EE Duplicate npc problem... round 2 O_o

A while back I had posted on reddit that a long running multiplayer game I had going was duplicating a couple merchants 100s of times over when we would zone and I was told the problem was fixed in newer versions of the game (we had started the game pre-2.0) and that I should restart the game so we did (we had been in ToB at the time i had posted tho the problem had persisted since like chapter 4 SoA)....

I do not recall if we started this game on version 2.2 or 2.3. A week or so ago we were about to enter the sewer in the temple district but I decided we needed a rest first so i ran to the slums paid for a room and went back to the temple district only to find about 40 commoners at the zone line and about 30 or so knights that guard the first church duplicated

I tried reloading... going to the promenade and staying at that inn... went back to temple district... same thing

I tried reloading again this time going into the sewer itself ... resting... exiting and running to the entrance of the temple district where I a had seen the duplicates prior... again they appeared ; ;

I really do not wish to restart this multiplayer session with my friend a third time please tell me there is something I can do in EEkeeper or some other program to fix this (other than reload a old save and hope the glitch had not started yet in that save)

I appreciate any help thanks in advance


  • genramugenramu Member Posts: 3
    Are there steps i can do to prevent this type of issue from occuring in the future? i wouldn't mind if they were just nuetral and i just had to walk through / around them the issue is mainly that they are aggressive... so my jacktard party members attack them them causing major reputation loss.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,768
    If you know the game well enough you can prevent much of it by not reloading between the points where a character decides to travel and their intended destination. e.g. this sort of pattern

    Imprisoned genie in starting dungeon. Start the game and reach the air plane.
    Rejiek Hidesman. From when he leaves his initial room to the 2 lower rooms, then to Trademeet.
    Umar mayor and wife. From Umar to his cabin.

    This gets difficult where you start to overlap their movements, or when you die (or a client drops and rejoins as that may cause duplication) and so on. Commoners and knights isn't one I'm familiar with unless it is to do with panicked escape area actions.

  • genramugenramu Member Posts: 3
    I am assuming it was caused by cheeseing my way through the building in the temple district that has the that +3 katana in it (we are not very good at the game lol) if it helps i have a couple screen shots of the npcs (btw i was wrong it wasent a knight it was High Watcher Oisig) incase i described the issue wrong lol

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