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Missing the Enhanced in the Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition



  • 11302101130210 Member Posts: 308
    I read in a really OLD interview from C. Avellone a long time ago that WotC HATE people altering the world and mythos of the Planescape setting. This is because there was a point where they concluded the Planescape setting complete.

    They also, as an urban legend from the interview I saw, didn't like the idea that people were calling TNO a god - and C. Avellone (or someone else in the interview?) was made to say that statement was false.

    Maybe I'm misremembering what's going on, but that's how I read it. WotC is very touchy about the setting... I hear tell they weren't too ecstatic about the Ps:T game even. Probably because it wiped the floor with anything created.

    Also, I found monsters in the game that aren't in the monsters list for the D&D setting on paper.

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