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The Mosaic Crypt

So, we've got the updated release, we've had a long time of Unfinished Business and nearly 20 years of Planescape Torment but... did we ever find out what was the actual deal with the Mosaic Crypt? There's allusion to it being weird in game (though perhaps the comments were regarding the Player's tomb, its been a while) but I've never seen anything specific except that at some point it had "something to do with vampires". Anyone know thge scoop on it?

Also, does anyone know if there was more planned for some of the other low-content areas? I always felt like there was something more to do with the basement of the Brothel or some closure with the rats in Ojo's wall.


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 380
    It's almost certain that Ojo was supposed to turn into a rat at some point, but it was cut - I *may* recall some mods even made this a reality due to the suspicion. On the whole I'm fine with holding off on it - the player is made *aware* of talking rats in the walls, and it allows some anticipation to build.

    No idea about the basement, they did a bang up job on it though, as such the only purpose it serves is to provide an interesting visual discovery lol.

    You'd basically have to ask Mr. A and hope he remembers.

  • TheButterdragonTheButterdragon Member Posts: 2
    Well, Ojo acts as foreshadowing for the rats in the warrens, to go alongside the warnings you get of the undead but it always felt like there was a quest missing there. And the basement in the brothel acts as an alternative, low-stat way to identify yourself as the final student but that felt, much like the Mosaic Crypt, that it was intended to serve a greater purpose, at least to me.

  • TeflonTeflon Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 517
    I still wonder what happened to his hands.

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