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My painful LoB + SCS adventure



  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,153

    Siege of Dragonspear Adventures Part V: Bridgefort Conquered

    We decide to fight the crusaders at Bridgefort.

    The enemy numbers are intimidating, but thankfully we have plenty of area of effect damage to chip them down.

    This battle was actually pretty easy. The crusaders were extremely vulnerable to Web and the allied NPCs were also buffed by LoB difficulty, meaning with a Haste spell they could hold their own easily throughout the fight. My party barely took any damage save for a bad position from Dynaheir resulting in her taking a few hits. Also, apparently you don't have to wipe out all of the crusaders, only the named ones. I was surprised when the battle ended abruptly while there were still enemies remaining.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,153
    edited April 2017

    Siege of Dragonspear Adventures Part VI: After many hours of suffering...

    Feels good to take this cheating scumbag down. Turn invisible before I can target you? Fine, I'll just throw fireballs everywhere until you die. I did abuse the fact that scrolls and wands ignore the dead magic zone, but this guy deserved the abuse.

    Dragonspear Castle...

    This one was frustrating. This was actually my third successful attempt at wiping out Dragonspear Castle, because the first time my game crashed as soon as I tried taking a screenshot after my victory, before I saved, and the second time my PC died to something after I had killed everyone, again, not getting the chance to save due to a Cloudkill being in effect. It took me several attempts before I managed it a third time. All thanks to the power of an archer with Arrows of Detonation.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,153

    Siege of Dragonspear Adventures Part VII: Avernus

    At long last... the party faces Belhifet.

    This was by far one of the most difficult battles, but also one of the most fun as opposed to frustrating. After losing horribly several times (and trying to keep Caelar alive on the side) I resorted to using an emergency weapon I had kept stocked but never used thus far - Scrolls of Greater Restoration. Twenty of them, in fact. Dynaheir and M'Khiin both carried nine each with two on Sirene in case of emergency. The great thing about these scrolls is that they have a fast cast time and can be used from range, making them the best healing item in the whole game.

    Minsc, being the closest to Belhifet, heroically charges forward to take the guaranteed Dispel Magic in order to spare his allies' buffs. M'Khiin summons two pairs of Greater Bearweres, the Tweaks Anthology version of bears summoned by Conjure Animals, which prove incredibly useful in distracting the devils thanks to their regeneration and massive hit points.

    I really hate that fire storm ability that Belhifet likes to cast. The damage is negligible at where my party's currently at but it lowers my fps and makes it nearly impossible to tell what's going on.

    The bearweres turn out far stronger than I expected as I thought they would just be meat shields but they had no trouble tearing through the enemy devils while coming out completely unharmed! Granted, I didn't notice them getting targeted much as the enemies seemed intent on pursuing my casters in the back.

    God, I really, really hate that fire storm. Thanks to my Greater Restoration scrolls, my tank narrowly escapes death several times and is able to singlehandedly distract Belhifet while Corwin deals the majority of the damage with her Arrows +3. I didn't even need to use my Enchanted Weapon scroll in the end. It is also at this point where I realized that Belhifet is vulnerable to the Dragon Blade +3's slow effect. Cool.

    Caelar is surprisingly still alive, despite not getting LoB's bonuses since she's a potential party member. Guess those Webs helped shake off some of those devils.

    Belhifet is Near Death, but given his 1100+ hit points, 'Near Death' still means about 200 hit points to go. But we're almost there.

    The coward decided to teleport away! Unfortunately for him, that barely succeeds in delaying the inevitable.

    And victory is ours. Despite being overleveled - I play without an xp cap but my abundance of experience equals about 2 levels at most - it was still extremely hard to beat. As an aside, this here was my closest attempt before this one:

    See that? Belhifet is Near Death, there are only two devils on the side, but I got extremely unlucky and Sirene got stunned. I would've been okay if she died as long as we won and raised her with M'Khiin's Recall Spirit afterwards, but unfortunately she took another massive hit and got chunked. I could've kept going anyway, but I decided against it since I wanted to bring my full party to the end.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    edited April 2017
    Like I said, you can always use a Spell Immunity: Abjuration mage to "absorb" the opening dispel, and the dispel not guaranteed, it has a (very) small chance of failure. :)

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,153
    I haven't been bothered to update with my BG2 run and I'm not sure if I have the interest to, but long story short I've made it to the City-of-Caverns. I may have backed myself in a corner regarding my goal of wiping out SCS Ust Natha though because a bug with SCS Spellhold (party items taken from you) destroyed almost all my potions and ammo. As in, all my stacks of individual items got reduced to one of each. That was about 200+ potions and 80 Arrows of Detonation among other things Deciding that component was more frustrating than difficult I immediately uninstalled it, but the damage has been done. Now I'm stuck with limited resources and left with my party's own abilities. Half my party have broken the 3M exp milestone but the other half are still lagging behind, especially Imoen who only has access to level 7 spells at the moment. My odds of success are looking pretty low. If I can get a couple more HLAs before the battle there may still be hope, but otherwise I don't see how I'll be able to manage it.

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