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A question about the framerate, in the options you can choose between 30, 40 & 50. Enhanced defaulted to 40, but the text on the option says anything above 30 could cause issues.

Should I drop it back down to 30?


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,492
    According to Alex Tomovic, the frame rate at which PST:EE runs depends on which settings preset that you choose when you start the game for the very first time.

    If you select "Original" at the Welcome Screen you start with 30 FPS (which matches retail PST). If you select "Enhanced" you start with 40 FPS (which maches the GOG version of PST). In any case, you can adjust the frame rate from Options -> Gameplay -> Frame Rate at any time.

  • SkanksSkanks Member Posts: 16
    Sorry I think you misunderstood me. It says when you select the slider that anything over 30 can cause issues but defaults to 40 under enhanced. So is 40 going to give me any issues.

  • AlexTAlexT Member Posts: 760
    Planescape Torment was designed to run at 30 FPS. That was the default setting when the original game shipped back in 1999. However, when GOG re-released the game in 2010 they increased the frame rate to 40.

    Note that increasing the frame rate over 30 affects the entire behavior of the engine, not just the graphics rendering. For example, combat rounds become shorter, spellcasting times become quicker, spell durations are shortened and no longer accurately match their descriptions, the audio which plays during cutscenes may overlap etc. Despite all of that, some people are used to playing at 40 FPS from using the GOG version, while others prefer the original 30 FPS setting. It's up to personal preference.

  • SkanksSkanks Member Posts: 16
    Ok thanks. I'll stick to 30 then!

  • ActarusActarus Member Posts: 77
    So it would be the best to play the "Enhanced" version but at 30fps?

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