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Cleric/ranger spells android

jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
So I downloaded we file explorer set game options cleric ranger spells lime to 0 in my Baldur.ini file and created a char ee keepered max level justbto test and see if it worked and it didn't lol. It seems likely Baldur.ini file is overwriting itself when ever I open the game and setting my cleric ranger spell line back to 1 is there a way around this


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,815
    Hi @jtdroleplayer, not sure if this will help but I have never had the problem of the .ini change. Try modifying the .ini on the PC and copying it across to the S7. Not sure what difference it would make but I do all mods outside of Android and copy them across. One of my more permanent CHARNAMEs (hangs around in IWDEE as well and is closely related to my second desktop character way back when) is the Ranger3->Cleric ...

  • jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
    Now that I have ee keeper I am going to be changing jaheria I love her personality but her classes are awful lol would much rather her be a ranger cleric as I still want her tochavw druid spells.

    My problem I believe anyways was that bg2ee was open in the background of my phone
  • jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
    What mods are available for android?
    I do understand only override file mods but what are they
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,815
    The mods I am currently using are:
    Components of BG2 Tweaks (waiting for the 2.x update to come through before going to Tweaks Anthology), and Wandcase. I also adjusted the Candlekeep store to have a Bag of Holding purchasable if I wanted, so I didn't have to copy my saved game to PC just to add it with EEKeeper, so those two files are just thown in to override...

    I mainly wanted it to remove XP cap, adjust inventory management (which I disliked in original due to stack amounts and being a compulsive hoarder ;) ), animation changes, and allow stealth/spellcasting in armour.

    This isn't necessarily limited to just override file mods. The discussion indicates that sound packs etc (which are more than just override folder) can be done but you need to be copying those folders as well to include them in the zip file (test and adjust of course).

    Hope that helps

  • jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
    You are using these on android?
  • jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
    I would love live in a fighter/mage/thief with no exp cap
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,815
    Yes used on Android.

    My goto character (I use him as my starting char for every type of RPG I play) is an Elf F/M/T, my very first desktop char was an Elf Mage/Thief so I modelled my FMT on him. I also have him as the same M/T; you know how you keep all the char sheets... why, I don't know.

    One other thing with BG2 Tweaks had you might be interested in was the ability to remove the limitation of races and char classes.
  • jtdroleplayerjtdroleplayer Member Posts: 55
    How doci get the exp cap removed on android I've been trying g to look it up but to no luck
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,815
    There are a couple of ways (links below):

    You can use BG2Tweaks because the version of BG2EE you have is 1.3. I suspect that when we upgrade to 2.x/3.x, we will need to use Tweaks Anthology; the components I use work well on 2.3 which is what I use on the PC. You could probably start by using that now I think (haven't tried it on 1.3).

    If it is just Cap removal you want, you can find a small mod to do just that. There are a number around but you may find probs in what level BG2EE can support (I think it is around 42...). Using BG2Tweaks or Tweaks Anthology, the game supports upto level 50.

    When you run the mod to install (opens in a DOS box), it will ask if you want to view the readme. Do so (opens in a browser), and follow the readme to know whether you want each of the components as you go. I would actually read the entire readme file first up anyway just to understand and plan...

    Once you setup the components that you want, follow the guide in
    Briefly it is:
    - create another directory (I used 'E:\BG Android\BG2EE Mod') and copy over the 'lang\en_US\dialog.tlk' (keeping the file structure from \lang) and the 'override' folder to the mod folder.
    - create the zip file only using 'STORE' (no compression), then use 'centralfix.exe' (downloaded from the discussion) on You can call it whatever you want but this is what I named mine.
    - copy to the same Android\Data folder where 'baldur.ini' is.
    - Gather your party

    Make Sense?


    Tweaks Anthology

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