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Being mobbed while invisible

VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 50
Trying to run an assassin through IWD. It's hard enough but I keep experiencing this effect where on some maps every creature on the map will try to mob me at once while I am invisible. It became unplayable in Dragon's eye on the map with the trolls and spiders. Literally the entire map charged me from everywhere, to form a solid wall of enemies wrapped around me and facing me. Anyone have a suggestion?


  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,271
    Haven't played IWD for quite some time now, but does it happen after you have backstabbed once and the rest of the enemies see you and start to chase you before you go to stealth again or do they actually mob you before you break your stealth?

  • VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 50
    mobbed before. I can walk off the map and come back completely invisible and everything tries to get next to me. If it's a small number you can sometimes walk around behind them; as long as you maintain contact they do not change their facing. But with 10-20 of them it's hopeless.

  • VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 50
    Some mobs appear to be set to pursue you once they are alerted. If they cannot see you then they cannot attack you but they will still pursue. Forever. If they cannot follow you off of a map then they will wait until you return. The only solution seems to be to avoid alerting too many of them at once, for if you do then your game is probably over.

  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    This is noticeable really only if you're playing a solo character. There's a really bad bit of scripting that essentially tells enemies that: if you can't see anyone then move to player1 (you, if solo). It really doesn't make any sense. The script tells them to gravitate towards you, simply for being invisible . They will trail after you across the entire map, which kind of defeats the purpose of being invisible. It's got nothing to do with alerting them.
    I used Near Infinity to find the creatures, find their scripts then find the lines in the script and remove the lines. (I don't believe it was part of the original game).

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