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How to enable/where to find error log in BG2EE?

roman2718roman2718 Member Posts: 6
I frequently run into some crashes, or game hanging during cutscenes. I use a lot of mods. Understanding what exactly failed would be extremely helpful.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    Hi @roman2718, firstly welcome to the forum.

    This isn't going to be much help but the dump files are located in your documents folder under 'Infinity Engine - Enhanced Edition\dump' (if you are running Windows). The problem is how they are read... couldn't tell you. Someone who has dealt with them may provide some insight.

    I suppose a couple of answers to some questions may help with the fault finding:
    Are you running on a Windows platform?

    Has this happened from the start, only on modding, or something more recent?

    Have you tried to run the game without mods to see if the prob still occurs? You could probably install beside the current version. I have two installs of each game (using GoG version); one which is modded and one which is clean for any testing or to quickly copy over to begin remodding if problems occur). I would start a new game for the clean install because of any mod items that may be in your current saved games.

    A wild (well not so wild) guess solution:
    Due to the problem happening during cut scenes, I would prob start with a driver update on the video card.

    If you would like to post your 'SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics'...)' lines that are in your baldur.lua file, we can have a look for any problems. If your not aware, this is found in the 'Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition' folder.


  • roman2718roman2718 Member Posts: 6
    Sounds a bit complicated.
    I may be wrong (it has been a long time), but I think that original Bg2 had some sort of error log that would just tell me xxx.cre was not found or something similar... but I might be confusing it with some other game I guess.

    Thanks for other suggestions... running game without mods would be pointless as I am 100% certain is mods causing the problem. If you are curious, my most recent problem was game just hanging after challenging Faldorn, and I was able to solve this problem by uninstalling the most recent mod - generic archer kit from tactics. How did that thing cause a cutscene failure I could never guess.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    I suppose another thing is to have a look at WeiDU.log (found in the root of the game install) and make sure all mods installed as they should...

    Maybe someone could provide insight on how to read the dump files.

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