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Possible bug: Portal not appearing after defeating Trias (Spoilers)

Montresor_SPMontresor_SP Member Posts: 2,183
I encountered a possible bug the first time I fought Trias in Carceri:

I used Morte's Litany of Curses to enrage Trias. Once he calmed down, I had dealt him enough damage that he surrendered and gave me the information I wanted. Vhailor then killed him so I could lay my hands on Celestial Fire.

But then the portal back to Sigil didn't appear. Also, the Sohmien Trias summons at the start of the battle kept respawning - both before and after I defeated him.

After reloading I defeated Trias again. This time the Sohmien didn't respawn when killed, and after Trias surrendered (and was killed), the portal appeared as it should.

Has anyone else seen this? If it is a one-time occurrence I don't want to open a bug for it.

(Technical info: PS: T EE version; running on a PC with Windows 10 Home Edition.)


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