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Trying to add Improved Alacrity to an item in DLTCEP

WolfhookWolfhook Member Posts: 1

I've been trying to add the 9th level wizard spell effect "Improved Alacrity" on an item I made. When I use the modifier "Give Innate Ability" in DLTCEP and use the resource "SPWI921 (Improved Alacrity) it adds the spell to my spellbook but doesn't give me the effect I want.

Anyone know how to add Improved Alacrity to an item using DLTCEP or perhaps suggest an alternative program?


  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member Posts: 14,398
    I don't remember much about DLTCEP (I use Near Infinity instead), but to add an effect to an item, you don't use spells as resources. Instead, you need an opcode.

    Aura cleansing/Improved Alacrity is opcode 188. Add opcode 188 to your item, set the second parameter to "1" (the first parameter is irrelevant), make sure the timing mode is set to "While equipped," and it should give you constant-effect Improved Alacrity.

    The "Give Innate Ability" opcode just gives you spells; it doesn't apply any other effects.

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