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(cancelled) Roleplaying Baldur's Gate

Gard_StureGard_Sture Member Posts: 14
The Diaries of Reynaldo

- - -

About my Game

I'm playing Baldur's Gate Trilogy with a few mods. The mods are: BG GUI, BG2 Tweak Pack and BG1 NPC Project. I'm going to role play through the games, so I will not do any thing that my character wouldn't do. You may be wondering why I play the original BGT and not the Enhanced Editions of the games. The only reason is that I prefer the old look, and feel, of the stone GUI. This may be silly, but I don't care.
- - -

Name: Reynaldo
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Blade

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 18

About the Character:

Reynaldo is intelligent, caring, and introvert. He has brown hair, blue eyes and a moustache. As a blade he very much enjoy duelling with his long sword, he also enjoys magic but haven't had the time to learn any spells yet. He has a big musical talent, but he also likes all the other higher arts. In his free time he collects gems and other trinkets, reads every book that he comes by, and drinks wine and ale!

- - -

The Diaries of Reynaldo


Reynaldo, the young man, always humouring the old munks in Candlekeep, he loves playing his flute, reading, and when circumstances allowed it, having a nice ale.
He has lived as long as he can remember behind the tall walls of Candlekeep, but his mind often flies to faraway lands. When he was a young boy he used to watch the sailboats sailing far out in the Sea of Swords, he often dreamt of just sailing of, without warning, he loved the idea of adventure. Of course, he woudn't actually just go away like that, he couldn't just wander away from his dearest friend, Imoen, or his foster father that he loves so much. But he dreamt, of the open road, earning money by playing flute on the street, helping damsels in distress. Who knows, maybe the adventuring days are closer than he thinks...

Waking up this morning was hard and my chores went as usual. But when I noticed that Gorion was all worked up I got quick on my feet. He told me to buy some equipment, and so I did, I bought myself some armour, my longsword I already got. The old wizard Firebead Elvenhair, (wonder if I can be as wise as him one day), told me to fetch a scroll for him, I just can't say no to a man that I look so much up too! Even in this apparent hurry...

I got to say, these people really are needy. I have fetched I book for Phlydia, bought some bolts for Fuller, and killed some rats for that dwarf!

I'm shaking! I just killed two men! What do they want me for? Now I get why Gorion was such in hurry! We better get out of here. I just have to say goodbye to Imoen, I really do not want to leave her, this may be last time I see her!
- - -

Chapter one will come in a few days, stay tuned!

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