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Global-setting ruins dialogue connections

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
This has given me a huge headache before I finally figured it out. And if it's already known, let me bring it up again, because it's a pain in my chair-flattened ass, too. Globals set in-between replies of conversations can ruin the finely scripted actions. This could be a Weidu thing for d files or it could be the engine thing. Globals in a conversation take an extra transition to register - this is known. So if a Global was to be set earlier in the dialogue, in one of the opening lines, to get that done with and leave later replies for more complicated actions, the Global will push those actions down the line and postpone them while it's being processed!

In my conversation, I had a Global set early on, and this made creatures to be spawned at a later point appear not after the reply I wanted, but after the next one, so they could not take advantage of my EXTERN and the referenced conversation, which just broke.



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