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Purchasing new Titles through the beamdog client for use on my Macbook Pro

LaceLace Member Posts: 74
Hello, I wasn't sure where to ask this, so I apologize if my post is in the wrong spot. Please let me know where a more appropriate place to ask is, and I'll ask there instead.

I purchased BG1, 2, and SoD through Beamdog directly for use on my Macbook Pro a long time ago (I didn't purchase them through the Apple Store). Since IWD and Planescape are on sale, I felt like now is a good time to pick these games up as well, however with the new Beamdog client, it seems that things have changed since I last purchased.

Specifically, when in the cart for purchasing the games, it only lists PC, and not Mac OSX. I'm hesitant to purchase because I don't have Windows on this laptop, so I wanted to double check that purchasing directly through Beamdog and using this new Beamdog Client will allow me to play the games on my Mac OSX laptop, same as with the old games and the old individual install clients. I'd much prefer purchasing directly for the last two games, since I already have 3 games purchased directly through Beamdog, rather than using the Apple Store. That way I will have all 5 games purchased through the same client.

tl;dr Can I buy Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment directly through Beamdog and play them using the Beamdog Client on my Mac OSX laptop?



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