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SCS LOB memorable enemies

MyragMyrag Member Posts: 285
Just finished Karoug and realized I had fun with some enemies so far. Started to wonder which one surprised your guys the most and in what way.

Harder than expected
- Chess was super hard, they went straight for my F/M Protagonist and sooner than later without mirror images and buff he was falling, had to use web/greater malison with ranged attacks here
- Karoug was kinda hard because with his insane regen I couldn't get him down, slowly he was wearing me down with his attacks, happily Doom/Greater Malison into wand of paralyzation disabled him but surprisingly even with two FM and FMT wearing flame tongue and baldurans sword they barely were outdamaging his regen, I even had to glitter dust/blind/slow him to get in more hits per round regardless of both having 3apr, that was tough
- Wardens were though but happily no cheese required, I took them all at once with slight need of avarice kiting, simply because I was foolish enough to get greater malison as my 4lvl spell instead of stone skin and as such my sorcerer was dropping too fast, in order to stop avarice from doing invis over and over I went for usual GM/Doom combo into glitter dust and blindness (FM is gnome illusionist so blindness in this combo is at -8 save) :smile:

Easier than expected
- bandit camp, I accidently pulled the entire camp and alarm rang. Everyone showed up and surprisingly after few minutes it was down on first try without anyone dying. I even had to check main tent to see if everyone was there because I wasn’t sure :smile:
- ulcasters wolf, I remember him being nasty because of ghouls spawning on your face and stunning but as soon as spell was cast party kept moving and outrun the ghouls, with remove fear and refreshed remove fear soon the fight was over. I cast web on the corridor to get spawning wolfs from coming or I would get overwhelmed
- Kahrk was previously super hard as in SCS he casts PFMW and has multiple invis and defensive spells, but after reaching BG I was over leveling it so WS took take of him quite easily, spell thrust ftw. I did try arrows of slaying and it works flawlessly just felt too easy so I reloaded. Need that sense of accomplishment :smile:

Bonus Wizard Slayer dual laughs
- Any mage so far was complete joke, dual at 7 was ideal as I went to basilisk area and then durlag where there is little to none casters

Bonus pic when leaving warewolf island

What are your memories of scs boss surprises

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  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    SCS Davaeorn was particularly painful in my SCS LoB solo run. I ended up getting melee enemies stuck behind archers and killed him from a distance while dodging every arrow but crits with my insane missile AC. 'Twas close though, as even the archers ran out of arrows shortly before I could finish Davaeorn off. Well, quicklooted him (TY Beamdog for that option) and ran off. Drowned all the bastards too, I was pretty proud of this technique though.

  • AasimAasim Member Posts: 591
    Hands down, a few skeletons south of High Hedge.

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,496
    edited June 2017
    After playing Solo LoB + SCS for quite a long time now the number of memorable enemies dropped significantly but sometimes there are still some "WHAAAAAT?" moments even though they might be bugs:

    Shoal: Normally she is no big deal and is one of the most welcome XP pushes for level 1 chars. But in one run Shoal stroke back badly as she managed to start the fatal talking even though she was already hostile. Two clicks later my MC was dead - reload plz!

    Meeting Slythes Twin Brother: This was one of the strangest deaths in the last time and it was really shocking as the end came out of nowhere. Like always i had charmed five Guards in the Undercellar to distract Slythe from my MC and it looked like an easy win - until Kristin casted "Chaos" and most Guards went hostile. Slythe laughed and immediately targeted my MC. I thought for a brief moment if i should retreat but rejeceted as the Assassin was alreay "badly wounded". Lets shoot him down with some more Acid Arrows - no? And so i started kiting Slythe moving deeper and deeper into the Undercellar. Once he was down to "nearly dead" i had reached the position where Slythe and Kristin spawn originally. Out of nowhere another talking with Slythe triggered. "Okay - its only a bug! Kill Slythe and get the hell out of here." - with these thoughts in mind and another Acid Arrow ready to fire my MC suddenly got hit by someone (or something) out of nowhere. I tried to pause the game but too late. The death screen appeared and only now i realized that my MC got instakilled by a 124 damage backstab from another Slythe. For whatever reason the second talking had also triggered a second Slythe which immediately sneaked up to my MC to finish the job for his twin brother...

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