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Is there a body-changing mod?

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
You know how appearance of a party member can be changed with Ctrl + 6/7, right? But the result isn't permanent. You can also edit characters by hand with Near Infinity to give them a different avatar, but that's not convenient or broad. Or it's too broad - players can make themselves look like dragons or giants. Nothing wrong with that, to play with exotics, but I'm looking for a way to make avatars in the game more diverse within the normal range of bodies available to a race. There is no reason technically or mechanically why a fighter can't wear a robe or someone with a cleric's avatar can't carry a sword if he is actually a fighter. If there was a quick way to change bodies this way in the game, we could get part of the way around the problem of such limited representation where all we get to pick, besides clothing colors, are the colors of skin and hair.

Then there are the "low" avatars. All of the classes and combinations have "low" avatar versions, about 6'' shorter in the game. Very unfortunately no NPC use these, otherwise not every fighter would be a bulky Minsc. Something should be done about that game-wide, but here I only want to know about avatar changes for the main character. I don't want to set out to create a mod that has already been done. So is there already one like this?


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