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Dorn's Bloody Bug? (spoilers)

Not sure what to do here. I'm at the end of Dorn's personal quest -- I got into the tree, killed Ur'Gothoz, killed Azothet. Dorn's become a fallen blackguard (bummer) but has a cool sword, and the quest won't complete. I got all the dialogue that I feel I should have gotten, but no quest completion. I also have no idea what to do with Vernus, and the hag outside keeps teasing me about having not gone into the gorge at all. I feel like there's something that didn't get properly triggered? Is it because I killed the dryad maybe?


  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    I thought that's exactly how things are supposed to be? Or I had exactly the same problem.
    After all I wasn't there to help them seal the portal or what, I went there to *use* that portal to summon Dorn's patron.
    If you are doing Dorn's quest, well, I think that means you aren't the hero to solve things & complete quests, and since I didn't do anything to improve their situation...

  • RavynsLandRavynsLand Member Posts: 5
    Is it still in your quest log, just sitting there totally unresolved? :open_mouth:

  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    edited August 2017

    Is it still in your quest log, just sitting there totally unresolved? :open_mouth:

    Well, if my memories are correct, the lines about "you have not gone into the gorge" is not going to change even after you finished everything, but if you are talking about the whole Dorn's Bloody mission staying in the left column of your journal, then it surely is some kind of bug.
    Perhaps you can try a reload, kill Ur-Gothoz again (or spare him this time), and see if the problem remains. Sounds stupid, but that's how I deal with most of the triggers thing...
    And no, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with you killing the dryad (or killing anyone), in his mission it should be totally OK to attack before talking, as long as the game allows you to do so.

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  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,070
    Yeah, the journal has some bugs still.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666
    To check what has happened it would help if you could zip and attach a save.


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