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Aerie Romance not finishing

-Played through all of SoA following a guide to make sure I did everything right with the romance.
-Resumed the romance in ToB
-Went to Bhaal's Temple, confronted shade, Aerie saw her mom's apparition, etc BEFORE the love talk where she actually goes through sleeping with the main character
_Continued on just waiting for next romance prompt, it happens in Amkethran (specifically outside the little graveyard thing), but it is Aerie being freaked out about the apparition, so now we skipped the had sex love talk and went straight to the next one
-Continued progressing through story, Aerie brings up next sequential love talks after various milestones, eventually I finish the 5th trial to lay the ravager and we have a talk for the marriage.

-spend several real time hours and in game days clearing Watcher's Keep NOW as I'd read this was the optimal point so Aerie can have the baby

-am not at the point where I am about to fight final boss of Watcher's Keep, still no birth. Did some googling, and from various websites I looked at shadowkeeper for some local variable that makes "aerie is having a baby" spring to mind, but I can't really tell as I am inexperienced with the program, I also tried entering a few get/set globals for "aerieromance" and "aeriepregnanttimer", but was told the second one didn't even exist

Am I, in fact, boned, and will not have a little baby avarial murder god, or can I salvage this? did I do something wrong? Help would be appreciated.


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,753
    Well, the timer for Aerie giving birth is actually quite long. 30 days of game time must pass before it happens. I looked at the relevant game scripts and they appear to be in order. I would try resting for 30 days and seeing if anything happens. If not, just upload your save and I or someone else will take a look at it.

    Honestly, I am curious about this as well, because I have done the Aerie romance several times and have never had a baby. In my case I always assumed that I was just completing the game too fast...

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