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Cloud Saves

WenuvanWenuvan Member Posts: 2
One of the advantages of using a client (Beamdog, Steam, etc) is the ability to create cloud saves. That way I can play my games on any device and continue where I left off. I am old school... I did not want dependency on an online DRM that could prevent my play if no internet...(I am aware that most now allow offline playing...but not all)
but...with the ability for seamless installs on any authorized device and cloud saves and offline playable... I am sold... soooooo... My Question...

Does the Beamdog client support cloud saves across devices?

as a sidelight... I have played these games since before Baldur's Gate... my memory is fuzzy now... but as I recall there was a predecessor that took place in the city of Phlan and played on an old IBM XT machine (5 1/4 floppies???) using, ofc, MS-DOS... those were the days....

... grin ... not really... Beamdog is doing great work here producing up to date versions of my fav games... I want to see them all... and new ones like DoS... I am a late comer to the Beamdog party but I am glad I made it... I just found out about the DoS CE... and could not wait to get my hands on it... I watched a few videos... and I was sold... grin... I hope Beamdog does more of those in the future and truly limited edition pre-order... is fine by me...and yes selling the extras after the release date of the CE is perfectly acceptable in my book.. additionally, I would probably be willing to pay upwards of 250... I will always play digitally but I like the board, maps, books, etc for those special games.




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