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I have all the versions of BG, but i decided to buy from steam to enjoy the complete edition etc, but when i download keeper (last version 4.0) it cant detect proper folder. I tried to add manually but i can not find any BG folder with data like baldur.ini, i used in past and im not a noob with hacking, always used xp cap removed, censure remove, etc. Now i just wanna do a fast game with pefect char and evil\neutral team but no way to use keeper, i really need it ,can any of you guys help me? I use windows 10 and cortana, i tried to search for BG folder but impossible, i just create one folder under documents, but there are not game data, just the folder "portraits" and i cant neither use it, i cant put personal portraits in the game because it finds nothing, whats wrong? i always did this easy in past, editing jpeg etc. Thx in advance


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