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Hello (possibly again...)

MrTea1976MrTea1976 Member Posts: 20
edited September 2017 in New Members Welcome Area
Hi, I'm a returning (again) player. I've been playing the game on and off since 1999, when my ex-girlfriend bought BG for herself.

Since then I have bought all the games for myself at least twice (I lose stuff!) and I used to have a log in on this site (forgotten everything to do with it!)

I recently bought SoD so I'm gearing up to play it through a few times when I've got some characters through BG.

I am playing with the vanilla EE on Android (my trusty Nexus 7) and pleasantly modded on my laptop.

I reside out in the leafy green shires of England, near the Welsh border and I look forward to posting a few things about my escapades in Faerun!



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