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Flowers for Delainy (Spoilers*)

I'm mopping up after finishing the main quest on "Werewolf Island" and I've received the "Flowers for Delainy" quest, but I think I may have a problem...
I acquired some Belladonna from the wizard's stash but during the final fight against the Greater Werewolf I consumed it from my quickslot, thinking it may have given me an edge during the fight (it did not). Online posts indicate that Belladonna also grows in two patches "just North of the village" but I've patrolled the entire map, spamming the Tab key and mousing over everything, and I can find no trace of the aforementioned patches. I've read other posts in this forum that indicate that the purpose of the quest is to gain Delainy's help in getting off the island.
This fills me with a sinking, non-fuzzy feeling in the cockles of my stomach. Am I in trouble here and if so, to what degree?


  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,134
    Just an errand quest and you can still get off the island.

    It's not needed to escape. The elven wizard by the ship helps you as well if you got his book for him.
    The patches are in the village area map itself. Top left of the main north gate area where there are big patches of flowers, Two different 'containers' to tap there.

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