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rested and the loot is gone

Help me out with this situation. Spoilers ahead.

I'm on level 2 of Dragon's Eye. Ziggurat chamber with a bunch of trolls and clerics. I had a really, really hard time with this battle. As in it took me hours and over 20 tries. I even stopped to look up videos of other people doing it, and what I found is that they really struggled too. Anyway, here's the issue.

I wiped out about half of their crew, and then ran back up to the previous level, rested, and came back. I don't see any loot at all. I guess because I rested, all of the bodies of the clerics disappeared, and the loot with them. After such a tough battle I was surprised not to find any chests or treasure anywhere.

I guess the good news is I finished it, FINALLY, I'm just so ready to move on from this battle. I'm hoping I didn't miss out on anything I can't live without.


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