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opcode 12 "drain hp to caster"

seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 103
Anyone played around with this option? It looks like it was maybe meant to be a fix for 2-part spells like Larlochs and Vampiric touch. However in my testing the drained HP is basically permanent no matter what timing modes you choose. Looking at the savegame file in EEkeeper, a character who has used a custom spell with this effect gets an opcode 18 maximum hp bonus with an absolute duration with a 10 digit duration attached.

Is this just unusable or is there some trick to it?


  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,183
    edited October 2017
    BIT0 "Drain HP to Caster" and BIT3 "Drain to max. HP of Caster" require a permanent timing mode to carry a duration.

    With timing mode zero, they are permanent(until death) current and maximum hp increase.
    With timing mode 1 or 9, duration = zero, they are permanent healing, no max hp adjustment.
    With timing mode 1 or 9, duration = non-zero, they increase current and maximum hp for said duration.

    Healing and Max HP from BIT0 stacks with itself and BIT3.
    Healing and Max HP from BIT3 does not stack with itself.

    BIT1 "Drain HP to Target" also works this way, just reversed with who gets damaged/healed/maxHP.

  • seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 103
    Awesome help as always Kjeron! Thank you!

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