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A Baldur's Gate Halloween

I've had this knocking around in my head since the beginning of October. I love Halloween and make a big deal of decorating the house/garden and have spent far too much money over the years on various decorations, (the big debate this year is should I buy the 6 ft animatronix Clown, how does it fit in with the gothic feel we go for with the Graveyard and the Feast of the Damned, things like Global Warming can wait LOL).

So this stems from imagining what Halloween would be like if all of the things we imagine were real and they celebrated Halloween in the FR. And nobody bats an eyelid at the dichotomy of pretending that none of it is real for the purposes of Halloween when in fact all of it is. Plus of course, the main reason, BG is such fun to RP.

Based on the playthrough "The Partridge Family", my party takes a break from investigating Sarevok and the Iron Throne for Halloween in the City of Baldur's Gate. Oh, and somehow Korgan has found his way into BG and joined us, put it down to magic.

Chapter One


It was late afternoon when Ayla finally got away from the Thieves Guild after collecting her reward for helping out Narlen Darkwalk. People around her were hurrying home and she could smell woodsmoke on the air as she made her way back to the Elfsong Tavern where she was lodging with her companions. She'd gone on her own as the others made the thieves nervous, especially after they had dealt with the mage who tried to double cross them. That was partly the reason why she had agreed to take part in Narlen's various schemes, the rewards were meagre and she didn't need the money anyway. But better to keep them onside and she had to admit she had had fun running away from the Flaming Fist through the back alleys.

Still smiling at the memory and not really looking where she was going, she was suddenly accosted by two small children. "Trick or Treat" they called out hopefully, holding out a battered paper sack. She pulled up short and glared at them, "Oh no you don't, Halloween is tomorrow you cheeky monkeys". The pair looked crestfallen and mumbled something along the lines of not realising, thinking it was today and sorry and she wouldn't tell their Mum would she, please. Ayla relented, she wasn't really cross and they had shown a surprising amount of courage approaching her considering she was carrying two swords and a massive long bow across her back, let alone wearing the Shadow Armour and Balduran's Helm (after the mage debarcle it was prudent to be careful around the Thieves Guild). She fished out her purse and gave them a few coins with the warning not to let her catch them trying it on again. They ran off well satisfied and her thoughts turned to the following night's celebration. Halloween, and the first chance she had to celebrate it away from Candlekeep. A city no less, where there were people who actually wanted to celebrate it as opposed to Candlekeep where the efforts had been half hearted at best. Now all she needed to do was get her companions on board, that was going to be a struggle.

Ayla left it until after dinner when the wine and beer had been flowing for a time before she broached the subject of what the group was going to do for Halloween. She was met with polite (and not so polite) disinterest however much she enthused about how much fun they would all have. She decided on a different approach,

"So how do you celebrate Halloween in your countries?" she asked innocently knowing that boasting of their superior cultures was something few of them could resist.

"In the Underdark," Viconia pronounced (in the tone she aways used), "We have a great feast followed by ritual sacrifices to Lolth followed by an orgy... the usual." She paused before continuing, "Though some of the Matron Mothers do make an effort. They make carvings in the torsos of the sacrificed and stick a candle in the ribcage...just for the children of course."

At the mention of "Orgy", Edwin and Korgan had shown a spark of interest. But it was quickly extinguished as they, and the rest of us, tried hard not to imagine the scene Viconia described.

"Mmmm, not sure if that's going to be doable in Baldurs Gate, the FF would object for a start off" Ayla turned to Branwen, she could depend on Branwen, "you must do something in the Norheim Isles?" she asked.

"Oh yes, we too have a great feast and listen to stories and drink...a lot" she answered but without her usual enthsiasm.

"That sounds more like it, ghost stories around the campfire" Ayla replied brightly.

"Actually epic poems, epic poems in blank verse recited by the old men of the village that last for five hours or more. And it's always the same ones. That's why we drink, if you're lucky you can pass out before they get to the bit where the hero (always a man of course) descends to the hells to rescue somebody." Branwen explained in a morose tone before taking a large swallow of her wine and shuddering at the memory.

At this point Korgan spoke,

"So Lassie, yer want to hear a ghost story do you? I can tell you a tale of murder and betrayal that would make your blood run cold. You be typical long limbs, always looking outside for the darkness when what lives in the breast of men is far darker than anything you can imagine. I know, I have looked in the eyes of men and dwarves and watched them slaughter their own without pity or remorse for power or for the bloodlust that lives in all. When you've stood toe to toe with the darkness and felt it creep into your soul until the only thing you can do is pick up your axe and... "

"Yes, yes, yes, "interrupted Edwin rolling his eyes, "your father killed your mother, your uncle killed your father, yada, yada yada, we've heard it all before (numerous times I might add). Time to move on."

Grateful for the interruption, they had heard the tale many times as was said, usually when the beer had been flowing (and it always seemed to be flowing where Korgan was concerned), Ayla turned to Edwin,

"What do you do in Thay, I would think it's quite spectacular being so rich and civilised and all?"

Edwin puffed up at the thought of demonstrating his homeland's superiority, but then surprisingly seemed to deflate a little.

"Hmm, actually not much." He continued, "It's the necromancers you see, they have the Halloween rights, anybody found outside after dark they can harvest for fresh Minions. Tends to put a dampner on preceedings. Not that they would dare attack other Red Wizards. But there's unspoken agreement amongst the Zulkirs that let's them get on with it. Truth be told they usually don't get out much and can be a little strange (that and their personal hygeine leaves much to be desired)".

"Sounds worse than the Underdark, What do the non wizards do?" asked Viconia.

"Stay indoors, lock the doors and windows and pray I suppose", Edwin shrugged, "I don't concern myself with the inferior classes."

Realising that any enthusiasm for Halloween was rapidly disappearing amongst these horror stories, Ayla turned to Kivan as a last hope to rekindle the mood she had been hoping to create, and a desperate hope it was considering who she was asking,

"Kivan. Eleves. They know how to celebrate what with their frolicking nature and culture and stuff, what do you do?"

The deadpan look Kivan directed at her told her all she needed to know and she wished she could take the words back, this was going to be bad, very bad. In a mourneful voice that wouldn't have been out of place at a funeral, Kivan addressed them,

"We remember our dead and consider ourselves cursed for still being alive."

Well, at least it was short she supposed and she tried hard to ignore the heavy silence that had fallen on the table as the party stared into their drinks before taking large swigs and draining the glasses. Not for the first time Ayla wondered how she had ended up with these companions, more worrying was the thought that she rather liked them. She had always considered herself normal, but what did that say about her? Taking a fortifying gulp of her wine, she decided to brazen it out, diplomatically of course,

"Well, moving on from your helpful contributions, thankyou everybody for those, I think it's about time you embraced the culture of the Sword Coast and take part in a traditional Halloween. I have tickets for the gig Eldoth is playing with his band at the Helm and Cloak but before that we should get dressed up and go out Trick or Treating."

She didn't mention that was usually considered something only the children did. But on the other hand, with their current reputation for good (and a few not so good) deeds and excessive violence, who would refuse them a few sweets? She looked at her companions, none of them seemed impressed,

"And I will pick up the bar tab" she added.

That got through, and as each of them gestured to the waiting staff for refills and "bottles of your best wine, My Good Man/Women" smirking as they did so. Ayla thought to herself, for smart people they really are dumb when it comes to remembering that their party leader was also the party thief.



  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    I'm afraid I'm not going to get this finished for Halloween. But will carry on regardless and try and get the next chapter up a bit sooner.

    Chapter Two


    Ayla stood in front of the mirror in her room and considered her outfit. Like most young women, sometime during her teenage years, the desire to look "hideous" in her Halloween costume had morphed into the desire to look "hot". That narrowed the choice down considerably. Rejecting the "sexy witch" costume because it seemed in bad taste after the party's innability to save Dynaheir (let alone prefering not to be accused of cultural appropriation) that left the "sexy vampire". There had been one other in the shop, "sexy nurse", but as she had no idea what a nurse was let alone a "sexy" one, she thought better to steer clear. So vampire it was, well it was a classic after all. White face powder, dramatic red lipstick, a long black wig and high heel shoes completed the outfit. Though she couldn't help but think that most of the undead they had met didn't look quite so healthy or whole as they were often missing bits and pieces and tended to be rather green and smelly. Deciding against wearing her sword as it would spoil the vibe of "vampire mistress who doesn't need weapons and instead uses her devastating charisma to ensnare her victims", she made her way downstairs to the main common room.

    Ayla joined the group at their usual table, ordered more wine and surveyed her companions, three of which were dressed as they usually were,

    "Don't tell me Edwin, let me guess, almost got it... ummm... wizard?"

    "You have only just managed to work that out (the woman must be even more stupid than I thought)? Evil Wizard, just as you instructed" Edwin answered ticking off points on his fingers, "scary, magical, evil, (you get devastatingly handsom thrown in for free)"

    "You could do with a hat though, people won't realise you are a wizard without a hat, (should be one big enough for that head though it would be a stretch)" Ayla mused thinking of the gaudy hats she had seen in the costume shop, (what...oh no, he's got me at it as well).

    "Worry not, I will not hesitate to persuade them of my qualification as wizard" Edwin grimaced, "would you have me dress like that fool Elminster?"

    "Good point" she answered distractedly already thinking about how she would get him to wear the dark blue one covered in silver stars and moons she had seen earlier.

    "And Viconia,"she asked turning to her, "Drow?"

    "Drow Priestess, you said we should look frightening, can you think of anything more likely to strike fear into the heart?" she answered looking smug. And Ayla had to admit she had a point. Viconia had borrowed the shadow armour and was dressed head to toe in black and with her long silver hair loose she was a striking sight.

    And then there was Kivan, dressed in his usual long brown cloak, hood up, long bow close to hand, he wasn't even evil which at least the other two could claim. Just hopeless, she sighed to herself, well at least Korgan had made an effort. Though she wasn't sure what he had been hoping to emulate. Something between a goblin and an elf she thought judging by the false pointy ears, the green and red striped leggings, the floppy hat and the green, pointy shoes with the toes turned up,

    "So Korgan you're a ...?

    "Pixie, the ones in the tales me Mother used to tell before she were brutal slain by scum that called themselves family and hid nature with false smiles as they planned murder. The like of which as never been seen in the Realms. When they showed themselves akin to monsters from the Abyss and only a bloody axe stands between ye and the evil found in man and dwarf..."

    "(Ye Gods, you've set him off again) So Pixie it is then, very nice"

    "Nice? nice? Ye useless over tall lollygagging waste of space... I've killed for less. Pixies be evil promising children sunshine and rainbows when all they can look forward to is a life of pain and the only thing you can depend on is the strength in yer arm as yer weild yer axe..."

    Ayla thought quickly and desperately for something to distract Korgan. Usually when he got caught in this loop they would direct him at something to kill, not an option here. Things were going south rapidly as Korgan advanced and Edwin was starting a spell but then... a woman's voice rung out from the top of the stairs,

    "Ho-Jo-To-Ho, Ho-Jo-To-Ho, Heiha, Heiha"

    Branwen appeared, carrying a large wooden, golden shield adorned with the picture of a large lady on a horse on her arm, and her golden hammer held aloft in the other hand. As she made her way down the stairs, she carried on singing loudly, silencing everybody in the room, and Ayla was sure she could hear a full symphony orchestra accompanying her (though she may have imagined that),

    "hojotoho! hojotoho! heiaha! heiaha!
    hojotoho! hojotoho! hojotoho! hojotoho!
    heiaha ha! hojoho!."

    Branwen made her way to the table through the stunned patrons of the bar and stood before them. Her costume, although it resembled armour in places, would do little to protect her seeing as there was so little of it. A breastpiece of a couple of metal cones. Then nothing much between that and a leather skirt (though skirt was a generous use of the word, belt would have sufficed) and then further, nothing below. Atop her windswept hair she wore a small winged helmet. She looked magnificent and the effect she had was not wasted on Kivan. He stood eagerly to greet her but then seemed unable to talk.

    "I hope you like my outfit, I'm dressed as a Shield Maiden that our Northern legends tell us carry the fallen from the battlefield to the halls of the Gods" she announced to all of us.

    We all agreed that the outfit was amazing, Edwin asked if she would carry him to her bedroom, Korgan wondered where he could borrow a stepladder, and then she turned to Kivan,

    "So do you like my outfit?" she asked giving him a generous smile.

    Kivan swallowed hard before answering hesitantly,

    "It's very becoming," (and we all held our breaths), "very warrior like".

    And in the background Ayla heard the full symphony orchestra strike a loud discordant sound before falling silent (though she may have imagined that).

    Branwen turned away looking dejected and Viconia moved to her side and gave her arm a gentle squeeze,

    "Ignore the Darthiir, he's a fool like all men," she whispered, "though if you want I could charm him for you?"

    Branwen shook her head, "No but thanks all the same. What you could do is get me a drink".

    "Aye, that be sounding right" Korgan agreed, his earlier anger having been forgotten, "I maybe an evil pixie but yer OK for all of being far too tall to be decent".

    The group sat and ordered more drinks and Ayla explained the basic principles of Trick or Treating. No they couldn't burn people to a crisp if they asked for a trick, no they couldn't chop them into little pieces if they didn't give them sweets, no they couldn't blind them, shoot them full of arrows, smash their skulls with a hammer or generally inflict pain and suffering. Tonight they were going to be on their best behavior. As she explained, Ayla made a mental note of the various inns that they could stop off at on their way and sent a silent prayer of thanks to any God who was listening for the Ring of Human Influence she was wearing.

    By now it was beginning to get dark and it was time to hit the streets. Just before they left the Elfsong, Ayla excused herself and ran to the shop she had visited earlier returning quickly with a paper package tucked under her arm. From it she produced the tall pointy hat covered in silver moons and stars she had remembered earlier and presented it to Edwin.

    "For your costume, so that people know you are a wizard" she prompted, carefully avoiding looking at Branwen and Viconia who were trying hard not to laugh at the sight of the tall pointy monstrosity.

    "You want me to wear that ridiculous item? Absurd, it will mess up my hair for a start off"

    "No it's not, it suits you, gives you gravitas." Ayla leant forward and whispered in his ear, "I would be very grateful", as she signaled to Branwen and Viconia to help her out over his shoulder.

    Edwin wasn't convinced and held the hat gingerly between his fingertips, "As if I would fall for that, I know you far too well".

    Damn, damn, damn, Ayla thought but then Branwen spoke up,

    "Well, you know what they say, 'jo javers whatsit whitsit' which means 'the bigger the hat the bigger the..."she stopped and gestered vaguely towards her lower half.

    Ayla looked confused, "they do?" she started before receiving a quick kick from Viconia who was quicker on the uptake,

    "Indeed, in the Underdark only the skilled males are allowed to wear headgear,"

    "And why do you think Mystra takes an interest in Elminster?" Ayla added catching on.

    Edwin looked at the hat then at the three women, who all nodded encouragingly, "I suppose in the barbaric lands you occupy you need some indication as you are unable to appreciate the advanced subtleties of Thayvian Technique". He placed the large hat carefully on his head and proceeded to fuss around adjusting it. The three women by this time were finding it hard to keep straight faces and hurridly made their excuses that they needed the bathroom before leaving.

    "So Branwen, what did that phrase really mean,?" Ayla asked.

    "Roughly translated, hmmm, let me think, oh yes, 'there's a sucker born every minute'", she answered as they burst out laughing.

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    As they say the best laid plans, and as you can see this has taken just as long to post. Oh well, have to have Christmas as the revised deadline.

    Chapter Three

    Trick Or Treat

    Finally they left the Elfsong and hit the streets and their first impression was that many in Baldurs Gate had had the same idea. Groups of excited children dressed in a variety of costumes and clutching an assortment of bags were making their way from house to house. Younger children were accompanied by their parents, whose attitudes ranged from long suffering to getting involved and dressing up themselves. Most of the houses had carved pumpkins set up outside their doors or in the windows and the twinkling of candles could be seen wherever you looked. The Elfsong itself was no exception and they stopped to admire the various designs on display. Tonight they would be doing a fine trade, patrons were already filling the bars. The excitement in the air was palpable with the anticipation that tonight Faerun was a slightly different place and anything could happen.

    The group made their way down the street knocking on the doors and gaily singing out "Trick or Treat" when they were opened by the apprehensive householders. Admitedly their reception wasn't quite as welcome as the children's. They were met with offers of gold, older sons/daughters, wives, husbands, deeds to houses, first born and pathetic begging to be left in peace. But that was soon cleared up when it was explained all they wanted was a few sweets. Ayla wasn't sure who looked more confused, the householders who were initially convinced they were about to be murdered or the more ethically challenged members of the group having to turn the offers down.

    As they turned the corner at the end of the street they came across a crowd of excited children making their way from one of the houses,

    "I wasn't scared"

    "You so were"

    "Nah, take more than one of Arkion's zombies to scare me".

    Ayla looked to the house the children had just visited and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Nudging Viconia who had fallen back with her she whispered,

    "Is it my imagination or does that zombie look familiar?"

    Before Viconia had a chance to answer, Arkion called out her name excitedly,

    "Ayla, over here, so glad you have come, look at him, isn't he magnificent?" as he gestured to the reanimated corpse. "Of course I had to clean him up a bit and get him some new clothes but I don't like to disappoint the children on Halloween. Meet "Oddjob".

    Ignoring the questioning looks being thrown her way from Branwen and Kivan, Ayla surveyed the zombie. She had to admit he did look cleaner and smarter than when she, Viconia and Korgan had dragged the body from the sewers. Dressed in a servant's livery, he was holding out a large bowl of sweets to a gaggle of children who were daring each other to approach.

    "Umm, yes, very effective, very seasonal, but why has he got a bolt going through his neck?" Ayla asked.

    "You don't like it? Too much? I thought it added to the ambience" Arkion looked a little crestfallen.

    "No, no, looks good, I can see what you were aiming for" Ayla hastily covered before lowering her voice so only Arkion could hear, "But aren't you worried people will start asking "questions"?"

    "Oh no, the Flaming Fist were round earlier and have arranged to pick the body up tomorrow for burial when the spell runs out. Though can't help feeling it's a bit of a waste, him being so fresh and all", Arkion mused, then carried on, "but nevermind, Midwinter's round the corner and my undead turkeys won't stuff themselves".

    Rather than pursuing that further, Ayla and the others collected some sweets from "Oddjob" and said their goodbyes. Ayla decided she needed some refreshment after coming face to face with the result of one of her more questionable actions (and the inevitable questions from Kivan and Branwen) and of course the group agreed after reminding her that she had offered to pick up the bill. They slowly made their way to the Blade and Stars Inn, collecting sweets as they went, far more than any of them would ever want to eat.

    Korgan took the large bag and started handing out sweets to passing children, for once his scarred face and the battle axes strapped to his back raised nothing more than admiration for his costume. Viconia had already carefully sorted out all the jelly, liquorice and candy spiders from their "loot" and was systematically biting off the legs and spitting them out while cursing Lolth. Edwin was admiring himself in every shop window when he wasn't trying to explain "hat geometry" to any passing male or female who caught his eye. Kivan was shadowing Branwen, of course, and had already gallantly given up his cloak as she was feeling the night air rather too much in her costume. Ayla found herself wearing a big grin, which rather spoilt the "cruel mistress of the night" vibe, but she didn't care, the group were actually having fun.

    Just outside the Blade and Stars, a figure materialised from the shadows and fell in step beside her,

    "Ayla, is that you? Now ain't you a sight for sore eyes. Stone the crows but don't you look a picture in yer widow's weeds with yer Barnet all dark".

    "Narlen, good to see you. What you up to, got your minces on a likely mark?" Ayla greeted the thief cheerfully.

    "Nay lass, nought going on tonight, tis a travesty, people opening up the doors and giving stuff away, it's enough to make an honest tealeaf like myself give up the ghost. What an example to set. Much more of this and I'll be out of a job and totally boracic. No, I be sent out by the Trouble to keep an eye on the nippers" he said looking glum and indicating two small children dressed as ghosts who were making their way towards us.

    "I didn't know you had kids, they look adorable, here, I've got some sweets for them" Ayla smiled at the approaching children.

    "What, you just going to give them away? What's the world coming to that's what I'd like to know", Narlen grumbled, then turned to his children, "And you two, watch yer manners".

    The two little girls accepted some sweets then bobbed a quick curtsey while thanking Ayla, then running off down the street to the next door to be knocked on.

    "Thankyou, thankyou? It's not right I tells yer, what kind of lesson is this to be teaching the young'uns? If their Grandad were still alive he'd be turning in his grave" Narlen groused but looked as pleased as punch as he watched them run off.

    "I'd better go after them, her indoors would have me guts for garters if I lost 'em, catch you later". He left hurridly to catch up with his little girls and left Ayla laughing as she went to join the others in the Inn.

    After a few bottles of wine, a few brandies to keep the cold out and then a few more for the road, some take out bottles of beer, (just in case as Korgan warned), the party felt suitably fortified to start the trek across the city towards the Helm and Cloak. Bidding goodbye to G'Axir the Seer, who had tried to do a reading for them but was so drunk his prophecy had been more unintelligible than usual. He'd got very mixed up and amongst other things predicted Branwen would inherit a throne, Korgan would turn into a woman, Ayla would get married and settle down soon and Viconia would have her wings cut off. All very strange.

    As they were already on this side of the city, Ayla thought they should call in on Ghorak just to check whether his curse had been lifted. They had delivered the skull from the Three Old Kegs to the Lady's House the day before and she wanted to see if it had worked (not to mention any reward was always welcome). They cut between the houses and emerged facing the docks where the Low Lantern was moored, and made their way the short distance to Ghorak's house.

    The house was dark and silent, no lights showed at the windows, the shutters were down and a notice was pinned to the door that said "Go Away". Somewhat worried that something had gone terribly wrong, they banged on the front door and called out to Ghorak. "Leave me alone" was heard from behind the door then silence. Seriously concerned they renewed their efforts until they heard bolts being drawn and saw the door slowly opening a crack. "Oh it's you" the voice intoned mournfully, "come to laugh at what you have done I suppose". The figure pushed the door fully open and then retreated back into the house. Dreading what they would find they pushed in through the door.

    Standing in the center of the room stood a youngish man dressed in a fine velvet doublet embellished with lace at the collar and cuffs and matching skin tight hose. The light from numerous candles seemed to frame him with a golden halo from the top of his luxurious blond hair down to the fine leather boots that encased his shapely calves. Highlighting on the way his deep blue eyes, his broad manly shoulders, his narrow hips, his interesting bulge and his muscular thighs.

    "Look at me, just look at me" Ghorak complained twirling around (the candlelight accenting his firm buttocks encased in their tight fabric). "The highlight of my social calender ruined because you couldn't wait a day to lift the curse. How am I meant to celebrate Halloween looking like this?"

    "But you're so beautiful" Ayla sighed, as she subtly adjusted her plunging neckline even lower.

    "And not an elf" Viconia murmered, surreptiously loosening the ties on the breastplate of her armour.

    "You've got no beard but I can overlook that" Korgan whispered, as he took a long swig from his bottle of beer.

    "Tempus be praised" Branwen purred, as she discarded Kivan's cloak.

    "Branwen, Branwen, what's wrong?" Kivan agitated, trying to place himself between her Ghorak.

    Before Ayla could embarrass herself further, she was roughly elbowed aside by Edwin.

    "Ignore these simians" Edwin proclaimed, grabbing Ghorak's hand and pressing it to his lips. "Only I am worthy of one such as yourself...and have you seen the size of my hat?"

    As the group slunk away from Ghorak's house after he had firmly asked them to leave (or he would call the guards), they steadfastly refused to meet each other's eyes. All except Edwin of course, who had behaved no differently than he usually did when confronted with somebody attractive. Or not so attractive. Or breathing and with a pulse, (though Ayla couldn't swear that that would be a deal breaker). In an attempt to break the uncomfortable silence she suggested they make a detour to the main market place and pick up something to eat on their way to the Helm and Cloak. The suggestion was seized upon eagerly and as Korgan handed out some of the emergency rations of beer he was carrying, the tension eased. Before long they were joshing and teasing each other about Ghorak and convincing themselves he wasn't all that anyway. Soon the lights, sounds and more importantly, smells, of the various food stalls in the market place were noticed. And every one of them decided, independently from each other, that the only thing that mattered at that moment was getting their hands on a kebab.


    I couldn't get Narlen's speech how it was in game so I've turned him into a cockney. And proud to say, having been born and bred in London, I didn't have to look up any of the rhyming slang (or should that be embarrassed?).

    As usual, all and any feedback welcome.

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