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[First time BG2 playthrough] Questions!

VolatileVolatile Member Posts: 78

Maybe a couple of you remember me from the BG1 subforum? I'll keep it short so it doesn't take too much of your time, but all the help you can give is greatly appreciated.

I have never played through Baldur's Gate 2 before, and I'm doing a "blind" playthrough, meaning I am avoiding spoilers, guides etc. I finally finished BG1EE this way, and I had a really great time. Baldur's Gate is indeed one of the very best if not the best RPG game ever made.

To avoid unnecessary frustration (and to avoid spoilers), I'd appreciate it if you could help me with these questions, as follows:

1) I do not yet own Siege of Dragonsphere. Should I do it now and play SoD first, instead? Some people seem to think it creates 'continuity problems' as the events of SoD can't possibly be mentioned in BG2EE seeing as SoD was released much later.

2) I already checked how to transfer my last savegame (and how to import), but what I could not find is: do other characters - for instance, Imoen - carry over as well (the way I levelled her thievery skills, her equipment etc)? If an NPC died in BG1EE - for instance, Edwin -, is he also dead in BG2EE?

3) Should I make "arrangements" in my BG1EE save before transfering the file over to BG2EE so I don't miss out on *something* etc?

This is it. Thank you again for your continued support. :smile:


  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 421
    1: The swap from BG1 to BG2 is sketchy at best , SoD fills that void with a compelling story, if you plan on playing it do so now so you get a continuous feeling, though you don't HAVE to.

    2: All Companions of BG1 are gone, some may show up again and you can choose text options to reflect what you did to them in the past , as for instance if you meet edwin again you can act surprise that he is still alive...there are also a bunch of new companions to find and enjoy/hate. Imoen will be a Thief/Mage in BG2. and reoccurring characters of BG1 will be ones you couldn't dual class.

    3: there are some easteregg items like the Golden Pantaloons you can lug around through the saga for a "silly" item in the end, aside that you only miss out on sidequests and story's you might have missed in BG1.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    edited October 2017
    1) IMO no. I think the culture/attitude of the developers of BG/BG2 cannot be reproduced nowadays, so as you have enjoyed BG so much I'd recommend staying within that framework. Rather than transferring out and then coming back. SOD can wait.

    2) As @DevardKrown said. Some companions turn up others don't but all of them are "reset" as far as skills/equipment ect. goes. There are some dialog choices that indicate you interacted with them them previously. Only charname actually transfers.

    3) BG2 is a seperate game.

    Edited to add.

    You are doing absolutely the right thing by playing through "blind" and I'm very jealous that you have the game new and in front of you to enjoy.
    Good luck. :)

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,267
    1. SoD is pretty divisive, but I think its a worthy fit into the saga. FWIW, most new players I've seen think its one of the best parts of the series. If you're curious about it, I'd say pick it up first.
    2. Your main character is the only one that will transfer over. All recurring NPCs in BG2 start in a default state. Some select items will transfer as well.
    3. I wouldn't worry about this one much. As long as you like your charname its all good.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,307
    1. yes
    2. don't think about it / try not to concern yourself with this
    3. nope

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  • VolatileVolatile Member Posts: 78
    Got it. I'll skip SoD for now and concentrate on BG2. By the way, I already started the game, and sadly Minsc is in a cell as if we're friends or something. I barely even talked to the guy in BG1. Oh well.

  • recklessheartrecklessheart Member Posts: 692
    edited October 2017
    Aye. 'Twas a simpler time and I don't believe means (or perhaps budget) existed for the developers to interpret the character you import from BG1 and adjust the start of the game accordingly. Therefore you will end up with a preset party. That said, familiar faces are likely to crop up during your storyline and there are plenty of implications (and outright assertions) that you have had them in your party too, so it's fine to use your imagination.

    If it's your first time playing through this legendary game, I do recommend you skip SoD. I am glad you have. I never played it, personally, and don't mean to criticise it. But the legacy of these games that I expect brought you to purchase them decades after their first release has nothing to do with SoD so it would distract you from the RPG experience that the rest of us have spent years glorifying! @UnderstandMouseMagic has it absolutely right when she says that the rhythm of the experiences are quite different. I expect you will be able to tell the parts of BG1 & BG2 that were included in the EE even if you have no prior knowledge of which they're meant to be.

    Have lots of fun! :)

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  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147

    She. :)


    I usually kill him, still turns up in that cell though....maybe Boo is his phylactery?

    next time I'm going after the rodent....

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  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    Volatile said:

    Got it. I'll skip SoD for now and concentrate on BG2. By the way, I already started the game, and sadly Minsc is in a cell as if we're friends or something. I barely even talked to the guy in BG1. Oh well.

    Well, if you DO play SOD before SOA there is an explanation to that...

  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 505
    BG2 assumes you played a 'canon' party of Minsc/Dynaheir/Jaheira/Khalid/Imoen.

    Functionally, they don't actually carry over. In other words, proficiency choices, stat bonuses, anything to do with your NPC companions is wiped and you get template versions of those companions no matter what you did in BG1. If you spent all of BG1 with thief Imoen, you will get a surprise in BG2 when she shows up with 8 levels of mage, and so on.

    There are a very few items from BG1 that you will be able to recover after you start BG2, but those items must be either equipped on your main character or in your main character's inventory(not in a bag). These are very specific items, and there aren't many of them. I won't go into the details since you don't want spoilers, but they generally aren't super important(except one-but that would REALLY be a spoiler).

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 517
    I say you play SOD, good story and wont take anything away form BG2

  • naggertnaggert Member Posts: 65
    My two cents:
    Buy SoD and play that through before heading in to BG2. You might aswell enjouy the party from BG1 for as long as you can. Going back to SoD after BG2 / TOB feels very redundant.
    Only your main protagonist will keep his / her skills. The rest of the NPC's will reset to a pre-set BG2 level. Any "tome of skillincrease" used on an NPC will be wasted.
    You'd want to have a few items placed in your main protagonists inventory as a few items will actually carry over from BG1 to BG2.

    The items that carry over are:

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