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[Spoiler] IWD2: EE isn't happening any time soon, but Icewind Dale still exists in Faerûn

KenjiKenji Member Posts: 249
Icewind Dale 1 and 2 had the overarching plot of Auril and her followers attempting to snuff out the warmth and the (un)natural growth of the Kuldahar Tree and the Ten-Towns. Though they are not the main antagonists (or maybe they are), they were always somewhat connected to the Spine of the World.

In Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, it was mentioned that "In 1485, in Icewind Dale, the Chosen of Auril foments
war with Ten-Towns and was defeated." And our game was set at 1281DR (IWD1) and 1301DR (IWD2). The Aurilites have been plotting for hundreds of years! (Provided IWD1&2 are canon, even though they may not be so)

I've always loved the bits and pieces of lore that somewhat connected to Icewind Dale (whether they are canon or not). I personally want IWD2: EE and/or IWD3+ to happen, but knowing that they won't, in every D&D Pen & Paper campaigns set in Forgotten Realms that I have attended and plan to attend, my characters are often from the Ten-Towns and have some kind of personal quest regarding the Ten-Towns.

Please share any of the stories/campaigns/characters you have done (video gaming or PNP) that somewhat connects him/her/itself to Icewind Dale whether it was a footnote or a full-blown ambition of some kind, even your thoughts on the events that had transpired in IWD1 and 2 are welcomed here!

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  • KenjiKenji Member Posts: 249
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    To jump-start the thread, here is my character from the Storm King's Thunder campaign and his epilogue: (Minor spoilers for those who haven't completed SKT)

    Sir Girhardt Lancert Lawford is a minor noble (Knight) of Bryn Shander. His family may be of nobility but his life was never a luxurious one compared to the nobles of the south. The harsh climate of the north has made its inhabitants hardy and vigilant, but the raids from the frost giants are a constant threat and one that may not end without heavy bloodshed from both sides.

    The young knight traveled south to join a band of adventurers who were granted audiences with the storm giants, known for their kindness and sympathy towards the small folks. In aiding the storm giants' troubles and freeing King Hekaton of the Storm Giants, Girhardt was able to cement an alliance with the storm giants by courting the eldest of the three storm giant princesses of Maelstrom (under King Hekaton's directive, of course).

    In taking Princess Mirran's (gigantic) hand for marriage, Girhardt was able to discourage Jarl Storvald and his frost giants from raiding the Ten-Towns as they do not wish to provoke King Hekaton's wrath.

    Princess Mirran had her own ambitions, however, and being the wife of a minor noble of the small folk is something entirely beneath her. These simple small folks can't provide her the luxury and extravagant life she has always led, and thus she set her sight to controlling those lesser giants of the north, the frost giants. Her father may have married her off and be rid of her this way, but through schemes and plots may she restore the glory of the giants and resurrect the ancient empire of Ostoria.. at the expanse of the small folk and her new found "allies" of the north.

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