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hi (semi-new)

I started playing the new Baldur's Gate five years ago. I originally played the playstation version which has nothing to do with the Baldur's Gate series except character names and designs. I played the new enhanced edition with a few people who I no longer have contact with. They likely moved on. One player gave me character portraits and tried to help me understand the game more. I took a break from the game so it could be updated.

Playing the black-pits with a group where each of us saw something different was a pain, but funny. (Due to the networking bugs)

I have come back to play and find a group. I see the forums have went through many changes. There used to be a thread, where you could post your username and play with others. That is probably so old now if that thread still exists.

I saw a few of my old posts that brought humor to my eyes. For example - I accidentally pickpocketed silke instead of backstabbing, and got Drizzt Scimitars. :P. Slapped them on a barbarian and had fun.

The last time I played was going in a dungeon that was in a field or pasture with all sorts of booby-traps.

I have maybe 2-3 three people who said they would be willing to play. However, I do not know when that would happen as we talked about this last week. Two of them suggested they would give it a try, while the third I am not sure about. I tried to get us together to start playing, but that has not happened.

I am wishing to start up a group of three - four player group for playing. I am not sure how well the netcode has been updated to support more players, but it may have been updated heavily. I tried to read all the patch notes, but could not find them due to the forum changes.

I typically work 2 - 10:00 pm eastern time. I am an IT guy. The best time I can play is at night around 1:00 am to 3:00 am. I know this game is long.



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