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Installing & Playing the "Head Start" version of NWN:EE

ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
edited November 2017 in Technical Support
Hi there everyone,

For those who don't know, folks who have pre-purchased Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition receive access to the "Head Start" beta. This allows you early access to the game as it currently stands, and helps us drive us towards the best possible release state.

There has been some confusion regarding how players may gain access to the Head Start beta, so if you are one of the individuals having problems, here are a few steps you could take.

1) Ensure that your account is properly provisioned for one of the two versions of the game
2) While logged in to the website, go to the game head-start pages available under the 'Games' drop-down at the top of the website:
Standard Edition -
Digital Deluxe Edition -

3) On these pages (Dependent on what version of the game you own) there will be a button to provision you with the Head Start game access. Click this button

4) You should now see the Head Start be available on your Beamdog Client. If the website indicates that you have been provisioned, but it is not showing up, please restart your Beamdog Client, as it may not have caught the update immediately.

Make sure you click on the language button in the Beamdog Client on the Drop-down and manually pick Head Start (see English-Head Start on the screenshot below)!

I'll be adding more common issues fixes and suggestions as they are reported. Thanks for your time

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