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Planning a human Fighter/Cleric run.



  • ShapiroKeatsDarkMageShapiroKeatsDarkMage Member Posts: 2,425
    Redrake said:

    You character is already a pretty wise berserker. Now you want him not to be dumb? Dumb in PnP usually means having Int below 8. Like Minsc, he's nice fellow but he can't read scrolls.

    I know that in AD&D characters with a int under 9 are illiterate. But i don't know the differences between AD&D intelligence and 3rd edition intelligence.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,031
    10 is considered average for any stat.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137

    Redrake said:

    Well, my recommendations are based on the assumption of a unmodded game. Otherwise, I'd recommend installing a lot of XP granting mods like DSotSC, Dark Horizons, Unfinished Business for BG1 and Tower of Deception, Unfinished Business, Saerileth and TDD for BG2.

    Using TDD and alike mods, I once had a dual class ranger cleric who reached level 23 Archer/47 Cleric. Best slinger I ever had. He could drop a dragon with 2 pebbles.

    Heres my character.

    Thorion, NG human Berserker.

    Str 17

    Dex 14

    Cos 16

    Int 12

    Wis 17

    Cha 14

    Warhammer **

    Two Weapon Style *

    Single Weapon Style *

    What do you think my fellow asgardians?
    If you're not interested in optimal stats, you could also have Wisdom at 14. By the time it's worth dualling you'll have had the opportunity to get all three Wisdom stat tomes and can then dual.

    Also, functionally no difference between 14 or a 7 in Dex or Con.

  • RedrakeRedrake Member Posts: 423
    My long standing position in regard to IE games is that every PC should have 18 in their primary class stats.
    The only exception is IWD2, where I use a mod made by me that does not allow a character to drop more than 2 points out of any stat (in other words, no dropping of Wis to 3, just so you can maximize Str or Con).

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