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Looking for a new tablet

GawainBSGawainBS Member Posts: 512
I've only ever used a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a very, very old model which I got for free along with my newspapersubscription. It's showing its age now as it's getting terribly slow, plus the screen is pretty small, around 7", which prevents me from comfortably reading my Transformers Comics on it.

So for the holidays, I'm going to ask a new one. It should be Android-based, don't even mention the i-pay-too-much-for-white-piece-of-fruit-on-my-gadget. (Seriously, don't, it's not an option. ;-))
What specs should I look for? My requirements are: a 9" or 10" screen, able to run Kindle (not an issue, I suppose), browse at comfortable speeds and if possible, run decent games, i.e. something more than Candycrush.
The budget is around € 300 - € 400.

Thanks in advance!


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