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Head Starters: How is the gaming experience so far?

I'm sort of champing at the bit, here, and with no official release date to look forward to, I'm wondering how you guys are finding the playing experience to be with the official content so far. It's probably been about 10 years since I've played the SoU + HotU campaigns, and I'm getting hit with waves of nostalgia.

Is it worth participating in the Head Start program from a gamer's perspective as well as a tester's? I'm a Mac user, if that matters.


  • JimbobslimbobJimbobslimbob Member Posts: 206
    So far so good. It works, which is always nice - and the UI scaling is handy, although I look forward to seeing what improvements they are going to do with the UI.

    No faffing about with getting the multiplayer to work is nice.

    4k is beautiful.

    ...but still early days really.

    If you are raring to get going in NWN again, this is a great time to do so. There are already quite a few multiplayer servers up and running as well. If you are going to purchase the EE anyway, then I would say go for it. If you are on the fence, waiting to see what they do then I would say hold-fast for now. Your call really. I will be requesting a Steam key on release and moving over to there. If they didn't offer that option I probably wouldn't have bought it yet.
  • LathspellguestLathspellguest Member Posts: 60
    That's great to hear. Yeah, I was definitely going to be getting this game eventually. If everything more or less works, then all the more reason to get started now. As much as I'd like to wait for the original expansion content to get the final EE experience, there will obviously be plenty of opportunity to experience all the EE goodness with the amazing community content out there.

    Thanks for chiming in!
  • JBDDJBDD Member Posts: 11
    It's pretty good, based on my short time with it so far. I wrote up an article with my impressions of it here:
  • JBDDJBDD Member Posts: 11

    I'm enjoying it more than I have in years.

    Of course I especially enjoy it more because it runs properly on my system, whereas Diamond Edition does not.

    Same for me! No fuss or hassle launching it, and buttery smooth framerate with no crashing! I'm pretty happy right now, and what makes me even happier is that Beamdog are planning more expansions and are considering further visual and gameplay-related enhancements! #FullSpeedAheadOnTheHypeTrain
  • cbones9889cbones9889 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 39
    So far it has been an enjoyable experience. I have gotten to enjoy a couple of the original mods but I have not gotten to play around with multi player yet....
  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 320
    So far everything is running great. The game and the tool set alike. No technical issues or messing around with anything to get things to work right. The game itself is still the same for the most part. Looks slightly better than before with new graphical tweaks (although I had to turn off the depth of field. It was way too blurry).
    Personally I am most excited about the new scripting functions and what we might be able to achieve that we weren't able to before. One example is that we can now obtain a players location when they log out. For PWs this may come in really handy. We may be able to reduce or eliminate other scripting calls to save persistent locations. And being able to save the location right at log out ensures, for the most part, that we can get that player right back where they left off and not back at area entrance or the last place they rested, or the last heartbeat, etc.
  • 11302101130210 Member Posts: 381
    Mostly everything is running great. There are still some compatibility issues that people are having with it, and at times you may experience a random crash or two. However, a lot of times this is due to odd permission issues that your computer is having with the game.

    So, what are my initial thoughts? They're great! I can tell a lot of work was done to enhance the graphics and add a nice feel to the overall quality of the work. You can tell that Beamdog spent a year working on these tweaks for the game and to have it all run completely smoothly.

    Yes, there are still weird bugs present in the OC + expansions. Dorna still has problem disarming traps. You might see some slight graphic hiccups, i.e. traps being occluded under tiles. But mostly, these are all problems that were present in the Diamond edition of the game.

    Other than that, the game is otherwise fairly barren. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, don't read me wrong. At this moment in the beta, Beamdog is working with the community to figure out what features to add and what features need improvements.

    In my humble opinion, we're a long way away from actual new content in terms of new weapons, new expansions, new stories, possible new classes, and what have you.
  • 11302101130210 Member Posts: 381

    I'm enjoying it more than I have in years.

    Of course I especially enjoy it more because it runs properly on my system, whereas Diamond Edition does not.

    Agreed. I could never get Diamond edition to work correctly on my system. It just doesn't detect my graphics card properly. There are graphical glitches, like missing textures and missing models...
  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 2,108
    One bug I've experienced is that it looks like henchman death in Shadows of Undrentide applies both the SoU and OC on death events to the henchman. Which means that the henchman drops to the ground, asks for healing, heals to full, stands up, is removed from the party, and teleports back to base. Unfortunately, SoU cannot cope with this and it's impossible to interact with the henchman again, forcing a reload to get the henchman back.

  • MrDamageMrDamage Member Posts: 210
    Thumbs up so far! Looks and plays great. Easy to add CEP once you know where and CEP mods seem to work all good. Just one strange thing I'm sure ill get to the bottom of is cant find my gamma slider lol.
  • oakheartoakheart Member Posts: 62
    I'm loving the nostalgia hits from the music of the OC and SoU. The game plays very well on my MacBook Pro - very solid, no noticeable bugs other than an audio issue that the devs are aware of.

    It's been a long time since I played NWN - since Rosetta was removed in OS X - and I'm enjoying rediscovering some favourite locations and storylines. I haven't touched any multiplayer content, but I didn't back in the day either. That side of the game doesn't appeal to me.
  • DrHappyAngryDrHappyAngry Member Posts: 1,577
    4k and UI scaling are sweet.

    The last patch switched to openal for sound, and has definitely caused some audio issues. I had to drop in the openal soft dll to get missing sounds to play again. I'm still having some weirdness with sounds playing out of the wrong speakers, and a lot of sounds and music can get distorted, at times. Long term the switch to openal was probably the right decision, hopefully it gets fixed before too long. So far I'm the only one I've heard of that had the missing sounds and sounds out of the wrong speakers, but I've heard others report the distortion.
  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 379
    I went with the $40 version more for the potential than what was currently being offered. I know that it's still early beta, but I'm still waiting to see *some* enhanced edition adds that will justify buying it over the GOG Diamond version. So far, though, I've yet to see much.
  • LathspellguestLathspellguest Member Posts: 60
    To answer my own question, aside from two weird issues (one of which was fixed in the latest patch), the experience playing through SoU and HotU has been little different from playing a finished product. I would encourage anyone who is eager to dig in to this game, just from a player's perspective, to go ahead and get it now.
  • voidofopinionvoidofopinion Member, Moderator Posts: 1,248
    Jidokwon said:

    I went with the $40 version more for the potential than what was currently being offered. I know that it's still early beta, but I'm still waiting to see *some* enhanced edition adds that will justify buying it over the GOG Diamond version. So far, though, I've yet to see much.

    Best thing I got from buying NWN:EE was investment into the community.

    I have a horse in the race and care far more about weekly development and Trello tickets than I did when I was lurking.

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