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Free AI fixes by way of feat.2da CATEGORY column audits

I took a look at the feat.2da (res187.2da) in NWNe and it looks like some of the base game AI can still be improved by auditing and updating the CATEGORY column of feat.2da. I was digging around for this earlier today for someone on facebook, and Fester Pot @ the vault found a fix dating to v1.64 and shared the info in this thread:

We've got more recent stuff available at our server, but I'd want to extract it and process it down to the column(s) of interest before analyzing it. Stuff's too modified over time for a pure diff to be useful. If someone's interested in that work let me know, I"ll do the analysis and shoot off a PM or something.

Anyway, with some of these fixes in place, NPC AAs will start using their AA feats like Imbue Arrow, etc.

There's some similar tweaks that can be in the spells.2da, but I think the more glaring stuff is in the feat.2da Beamdog inherited from v1.69.



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