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So what is morale?

islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
I know it’s not that important to know to play the game and some spells such as Insect Plague directly implement panic status instead of decreasing the morale (or so I believe), but there’s still Remove Fear which resets the creature’s morale to 10, so my question is what exactly is morale and what’s the relationship between it and the panic status, can a creature who’s immune to panic also immunes to morale modifications?

Ratchild, the kobold leader in Baldur’s Gate city sewers has the following values: Morale 10, Break point 4, Recovery 60, what’re those number standing for?

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    IIRC "Recovery" is the amount of time that a character will be with a yellow circle.

    Never understood the Morale-Breaking Point system. All I know is that Morale is a check that NPCs make during a battle, but IDK how it works.

    Immunity to Fear (and Panic) also makes an NPC immune to morale failures.

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