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Evil party makeup: Hexxat in ?

I am into my second go through of BG2EE, this time with a generally evil party. My avatar is a fighter/mage /thief, with Dorn, Kagorn, Jaheria, Edwin, and, right now, Viconia. I do not have a party member with a ranged specialty, except for Dorn and a crossbow.No bowman though Jaheria has a sling, as does Viconia and Edwin darts. My F/M/T dual wields katanas and swords (so far). I miss an archer who can shoot fire arrows and other enhanced arrows. I know from a previous good group that an archer is useful.
The question is: would Hexxat or Nalia be a good substitution for , say, Viconia? I am not sure how Hexxat plays out in heavy fighting as the game progresses.
Your opinions are valued.


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