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My mom said "yes" but i'll have to check

HipsterHipster Member Posts: 39
edited January 2018 in New Members Welcome Area
I rang in from Old Europe and immediately had to delve into the hottest discussions. I think maybe that's a bit fresh but it's what this is all about. Don't be ashamed for the crude language i use, because after all we are part of the "Axis Of Evil", term coined by Mr G.W.Bush. So altogether quite a different world to live in.
My activity here is as some kind of consultant. I don't actively participate in coding and don't apply for a seat in the committee. But i feel like an expert based on my longish game experience as a PLAYER. So i play on multiplayer persistent worlds, preferrably. My view on roleplaying is that it must be on there, but it should not be enforced, nor should it interfere too much with the combat oriented gameplay.
So now you know more about my playstyle, I'd like to tell you more about my modding attempts. Of course, my PW looks nice, has a couple of features built in but not too much, and feels just like Neverwinter Forest. Chaotic, uncivilized, murky, dangerous. There are elves and dwarves alike. I view myself more as an artistic designer, would like to start creating visual content. Due to health issues i can't see myself working full time or hosting a live PW at all.
My forum portrait depicts an archangel, my namesake in real life. You don't want to mess with me ! (But i'll be good).
Casually, Hip


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