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New Windows Server Woes - Shayran's Subrace Engine (SSE) & PWDB

I decided to move to the world of persistent worlds. I loaded up the PRC, built a module, NWN: EE didn't crash and I thought I was all set. Then my Linux skills failed me in setting up the Linux server. So with nwnx down the drain I began to play with the Windows server.

It is up and running, and I used Shayran's Subrace Engine (SSE)

Of course a persistent world is not very persistent if all the data if everyone needs to restart from scratch the moment the module is reloaded (and expanded upon) . Thankfully that solution is in a nice neat little package as well called PWDB found at:

Both are quick and easy to use, in fact I created a new race for Shayran's Subrace engine following the stats from 3.5. It even had the proper ECL reducing XP for mobs. Then I discovered a problem. SSE does not work with NWNDB. Googling the problem I came across:

The problem is both of the include statements do something different. The post was in 2015, I am fairly certain someone has solved getting the two to work nicely. if someone could post the fix not only would I be grateful I quite certain more than a few others who are looking to build a persistent world using windows will be thankful as well as they google to look for this solution.


  • ildaronildaron Member Posts: 52
    Here is a workaround to get the two to work nicely. This is not a completely solution as the code has not been refactored completely. Only one file will be merged.

    1) OnClientLeave - Add the code from the readme found within the PWDB. It should compile without error.

    2) OnModuleLoad & OnUserDefined do not exist creating scripts for those events will not be an issue. (which is found within the readme file within the PWDB).

    How it works:

    If you configured your PW's quests to properly set the variables, than once the player characters interacts with NPCs and those variables are set on the character, the DB will be saved in the NWNlog (as mentioned in the readme).

    This is not a complete solution, without onEnter than the data from onLeave is not added when you log onto the server. (I.E you will start back at the starting room rather than where you logged off). Likewise onRest is not included.

    This is enough to get started, however the code still needs to be refactored.

    Note: Because I forgot to mention this. In the PWDB Readme it does not mention adding the Quote erf, you will need to add it. If you check out the PWDB_Demo you will notice the quote character, along with two objects. These are tied to the DB running smoothly.

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