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Proposed: Support for Multiple TLK files

A request from the community came up in Savant's Aielund Saga thread over here: , to update his TLK to provide better in-game descriptions of spells and effects. The core issue is that Aielund uses arQon's EMS system, which is a complete re-write of the spell scripts to fix a lot of issues (like dispel calculations, etc).

The problem is that Aielund also uses CEP, which comes with a TLK. I think the CEP TLK would be mostly orthogonal to one supporting EMS, in terms of 2da coverage. So, it might be reasonable integration-wise, if we were to assign two TLKs to a module and tell the mod to use CEP's TLK for everything except spells.2da, feat.2da, and iprp_spells.2da references (for example). Even if there were come conflicts, it could reduce the maintenance work for updates.

As it stands right now, there is little incentive for Savant (or anyone) to undertake an EMS+CEP tlk integration effort as one would be committing to keeping up with two sets of moving targets.

If this idea found support, it might also be helpful for some folks playing with stuff like NWNPRC, or some racial systems.

So the basic idea, to summarize:

1) Assign mutliple TLKs to a module
2) Designate one default TLK from the list
3) Designate specific 2DA <-> TLK relationships to honor




  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 431
    He could grab my hr base tlk file and spell.2da that has all spells names and descriptions linked(this so people can easily make their own campaign(with their own spell setting/names/descriptions) and compatible with cep and write in the changes into the tlk file copy and paste into his cep/module tlk file. A little bit of work, do not know how extensive EMS spell system is documented on it spell changes. If he use 2daEdit you can copy/paste down columns. Just a option to think about. Good luck.

  • MadHatterMadHatter Member Posts: 145
    Reading @Savant1974 comments made me think this has less to do with how difficult tlk editing is but rather that he is a busy guy who has been largely disconnected from modding since 2007 and it would be an endeavor to relearn it and go through the tedium.

    I mean ultimately it’s just copying some spell descriptions into the CEP tlk, updating the appropriate 2da lines, and adding Aielund.tlk to the CC.

    Not sure that’s so cumbersome as to warrant Beamdog dedicating energy to allowing 2x custom tlks on top of dialog.tlk.

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