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[(BG2) bug] Kensai/monk weapon speed bonuses

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
edited November 2012 in Fixed
The weapon speed increase of monks and kensais don't work. Since the bonuses aren't cumulative, they have to be set at each relevant level when called by the clabXXX.2da:
COPY_EXISTING ~spcl143.spl~ ~override~
~spcl816.spl~ ~override~
SET loops = 10 SET progression = 4 END ELSE BEGIN SET loops = 2 SET progression = 12
READ_LONG 0x64 abil_off
READ_SHORT 0x68 abil_num
WRITE_SHORT 0x68 loops
READ_LONG 0x6a fx_off
WRITE_LONG 0x6a (fx_off + (0x28 * (loops - 1)))
READ_ASCII abil_off abil_clone (0x28) // clone lev1 header
READ_ASCII fx_off fx_clone (0x30) // clone lone effect
FOR (index = 1 ; index < loops ; ++index) BEGIN
INSERT_BYTES (abil_off + (index * 0x28)) 0x28 // insert new header
WRITE_ASCIIE (abil_off + (index * 0x28)) "%abil_clone%" // insert cloned lev1 header
WRITE_SHORT (abil_off + 0x10 + (index * 0x28)) (index * progression) // min level
WRITE_SHORT (abil_off + 0x20 + (index * 0x28)) index // fx index
INSERT_BYTES (fx_off + (0x58 * index)) 0x30 // insert new fx, allow for new abils and fx
WRITE_ASCIIE (fx_off + (0x58 * index)) "%fx_clone%" // insert cloned lev1 effect
WRITE_LONG (fx_off + 0x04 + (0x58 * index)) (index + 1) // set weapon speed bonus

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