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Showing my love

ScarlettScarlett Member Posts: 3
Dear Beamdog,

I hope you are well and enjoying your work on Neverwinter Nights, and anything else you have in the oven. I hope also it was fulfilling to complete your enhanced edition of the treasured RPG classic Baldurs Gate. Your additions were phenomenal and though it fit seemlessly into the original series, even your entire expansion as a prequel to BG2, you at times outshined the original content. Your expansion Dragonspear was such an incredibly good time, that I felt someone was speaking uniquely to me, sharing with me a love of RPG's. The art, music, branching quests and overall sense of adventure was a pure pleasure, and I have fallen in love with a few of your characters along the way. Especially Neera, Baeloth and Dorn, along with Hexxat and the Goblin Shaman were all lovingly crafted characters that I missed when they werent there. Neera and Dorn in my fancies developed close relationships with my 2 main characters, that have now soon completed the series. The writing, voice acting and design of these characters along with Dragonspears excellent adventure and just epic score that put me on the edge of my seat as I assaulted the castle at the end, cemented Baldurs Gate EE as one of my best gaming experiences I have had. I hope to convey my deepest appreciation for your work, and hope to see many things from your team in the future.

With love,
- S



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,740
    Thank you so much, @Scarlett ! I've shared your letter with the Team.

  • ChiricoChirico Member Posts: 7
    Now that I can play Siege of Dragonspear on my iPad, I agree with the foregoing. I think it's a good game, worth my time and money. I don't understand what all the uproar was when the game was released. Looking forward to the general release of Neverwinter Nights, and holding out hope for an iOS version of that too. Thanks for all you do.

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