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Don't want to play it for the second time...

Hello there folks!

I got a tiny problem of not having enought time to play games anymore, so I don't wanna lose it on playing again BG:EE. I wanted to get my party from BG:EE then BG SoD and then to BG2:EE, but didn't read closely (you lose some people in BG SoD, right on the start..). I droped SoD for good then, as my party lost some main guys, but now I saw some good moded playthroug of BG2:EE and the love is back :D

My point is, is there a way to get a "perfect victory" with a custom made characters team without playing BG:EE again. By that I mean to get all the stuff you can only get by the full playthroug from BG:EE to BG2:EE, all the (forgot the english name) grimours or something like that.. I don't wanna use cheats as I hate it from my principals, mods on the other hand are acceptable ;)

Thanks a lot for any help with this topic.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,286
    You can use EEKeeper to customize your character and add the BG bonuses that would carry over (the Tomes, basically). You can adjust exp to be what it would be capped if you had done BG1and SoD previously as well. You can find it in the General Modding section.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,142
    I think you are taking too much notice of "continuity".

    BG was made seperately from BG2, BG2 is a new game and a continuation of the Charname's story, but not really for anybody else.

    Without SOD, there is a year's gap between the games.
    Would a random band of adventurers all stick together for that long?
    Especially as most of the NPC have their own backstory/lives going on which they interrupted to see you through to killing Sarevok.

    It's great that you can meet up with some of the companions you met in BG, and even better that there are mods for some of the NPC who were never included.

    For playing BG2 for the first time as you have indicated, you would really miss a lot of the appeal of the game if you made a custom party.
    BG2 has a ton more banters, story, characterisation, quests that depend on the NPC you meet.
    With a custom party you will miss a lot.

    And there is a lot of new equipment ect. that will make you not miss much from BG.

  • CzajnikusCzajnikus Member Posts: 2
    No, no, you missunderstood me. I played the BG2 right when it had it's premier decades ago ;) (I didn't played BG1 then, just BG2. Repaired this like 5 years after I finished BG2). I know ALL character quests already from BG1 and BG2 and I don't realy want to know those new guys quests (I don't like SoD very much, but I just have to fnish it, as I wanna have some way of continuity (customs made after the Sarevok death (lets say they did it, not my "true" party, just don't wanna do BG1:EE again..) that will play all the way thru SoD and BG2:EE).

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