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BG Enhanced Edition or BG TuTu?

I was an active D&D / AD&D player from 1980 through about 1993. Many years ago (late 1990s?), I got hold of a multi-disk set for BG II (Bhaal and Amn) and played it quite a bit though never finished it. Have also played Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights (and the best of all of them Temple of Elemental Evil with the Circle of Eight mod).

A few years ago, I got Baldur's Gate TuTu all setup, and most recently I purchased BG: EE off Steam mainly just because it was on sale.

While I loved BGII, I find BG to be incredibly dreary, slow, and honestly not well balanced (XP rates seem slow). My entire party was just slaughtered in the cave with the boss at the end of the Nashkell Mines. This was about 20 days in game (probably about 8 hours of gameplay). Jaheira, Khalid, Neera, Imoen, Branwen, and my avatar a level 1 Invoker. Jaheira and Imoen were the only ones to level up to Level 2 by this point in play, and that seems rather slow to me. Slower than any other RPG I've ever played really.

I notice that BGII is referred to separately from BG:EE, and while I won't claim that any sales language had convinced me as much, I assumed that Baldur's Gate Enhanced was similar to Baldur's Gate TuTu in that it allowed the user to play through THE ENTIRE Baldur's Gate story arc from beginning to end (as long as one had copies of both BGI and BGII).

Can anyone clarify and offer any recommendations?
I notice that the game pane is reduced in size in BG TuTu compared to BGEE, and there is no zooming in TuTu, so that is definitely one selling point against TuTu.

If I want to play all the way through the entire series, does BGEE faciliate this? Will I need to buy another title?


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,064
    BGEE is just BG1 and ToSC. BG2EE is a separate product.

  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    The way to combine the new games like Tutu or BGT is EET - but from your post I'd say it's not for you anyway.

  • Stupid_PunsStupid_Puns Member Posts: 67
    edited January 2018
    Oh man... you know, I always enjoyed BG1 more than BG2, BG1 let’s you explore, go to, I want too say thirty completely optional maps, while BG2 always felt tinier to me.
    In regards to your question, yeah... you gotta buy BG2EE and BGEE. Another thing is that BGTutu is not the entire trilogy, you would need the BG1, ToTSC Expansion, BG2, and Throne of Bhaal, PLUS the mod Baldur’s gate trilogy. All Tutu does it make it so you play Bg1 with the BG2 game engine, that way you can do stuff in the first game that was added in the second game. Like rest until fully healed, max up on level up, more specific proficiency types, pressing tab to to see lootable items, and making the game look cleaner in general. All least that’s what I remember, but last time I used Tutu was maybe fifteen years ago, right when it came out. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t install Tutu and go, “Where the hell is the rest of the game?” When you beat it.
    Last, I’d say buy either choice is fine. BGEE has more npcs, maps, loads faster, shows you how much damage you do on your inventory screen, has DLC, a new difficulty, new classes, kits, quests, and better AI.
    However, the original Bg1 and 2 has more mods (if you want) for a fun experience, and is just classic to play. I switch between the two versions every two years or so. Hope th8s was semi-helpful.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,064
    The EEs are also much more stable and have fewer bugs.

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